1.0 to 1.3 Reorder and Taste


Hi guys,

1.0 crowdfunder here. I got 2 months initially and my supply is winding down, so I’m thinking of signing up for the subscription.

On the FAQ, it says that orders from 1.2 and up will be considered re-orders and will ship in 1-2 weeks. Is that the case with the crowdfunders too? Or at this point are we considered “new” orders?

Also (and I may end up making a new thread about this), I quite like the taste of 1.0 and have grown accustomed to it. I understand that the newer versions are more flavor neutral. Has anyone done any experiments to make 1.3 taste like 1.0?

Thanks in advance!


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Once you’ve received your first shipment, I believe that all subsequent orders are treated at “reorders” regardless of the vector for your initial order (i.e., whether you ordered via kickstarter, crowdfunder or the ecommerce way.)

The rest of this is speculation on my part–

I believe the key action is that they do not enter your email address into the order database until you have been shipped your first order-- then, when you make subsequent orders, they perform a lookup on your email address to determine shipping priority. If it’s in the database, they expedite, if not, it goes into a separate database for managing first time buyers.

Unfortunately, I suspect this is why some re-orders are slipping through the cracks-- someone has to manually vet your re-order against the database of fulfilled orders. Likewise, if for some reason you are not inserted into the database of fulfilled orders, then reorders can get delayed while they work through the human error.

But, in theory, you should be in the database of fulfilled orders-- and therefore you should receive your order in 1-2 weeks after placing a new order-- whether that new order is a subscription or one-time order.

Myself-- when I reorder, it’ll be only one-time orders until they work through the problem with the shipping delays on subscriptions. I am appalled by the practice of taking money and then not delivering a product within a reasonable delay in time (2+ weeks is not reasonable for anything unless it is made custom to order. And the very concept of Soylent eschews that custom-to-order mentality.) Likewise, I’m appalled to see repeat customers getting hit with multiple subscription charges and not receiving their products (out of the thousands of likely customers, for only a few to come here and complain is laudable, but until that backlog is resolved and shipping delays are more tolerable, I’m simply not willing to give Soylent more money to hold interest free.)

Having said all that, I will be reordering today. I’m down to about a 2 week supply. So I think reordering now makes the most sense.


You are considered a reorder, anyone who has received Soylent from them would be, but be sure to use the same email address as your original order.

As has been pointed out a few reorders have not been recognized as such, so if you haven’t seen any movement within two weeks I would come back here and tag Soylent in a post, which seems to be the quickest way to get a response in some cases.

I believe some have said adding a bit of Sucralose will get you there, if that doesn’t quite do it you can also add a bit of vanillin. Those have both been reduced a bit since 1.0 and should be the only notable flavor changes. That said, many tend to prefer 1.3 over all the prior versions, so you may not need to change anything.