1.1 (my new best friend) vs 1.0


Finished up my 1.0 supply last week. Impression of that was great. Quite utilitarian and fits my lifestyle perfectly. I like to get up and go and then not stop at lunch. My “recreational” meal is the evening repast. I was slightly concerned about the 1.1 that was going to be my new friend, having enjoyed and tolerated 1.0 so well. I have now been on the 1.1 for 3 days and will say that I think it is just fine. The Soylentistas have done what they wanted to do in aiming for a more neutral product. It is very obviously less sweet but does not fall into the super-bland or “medicine-ish” taste realm. I do think it may be a bit thinner, as has been mentioned and can see the utility of this if the end user (with a more neutral substrate) is going to be mixing in another substance, like peanut butter or berries. My sense is that the 1.1 is also just a bit more grainy. NBD. Ordinarily I would think that graininess would be objectionable but for some reason the Soylent variety just slides on down with no issues. I do not think I’m finding much of a difference in the flatulence realm. Didn’t have too much of a problem with 1.0 and this seems about the same to me but I may not have enough experience with 1.1 yet. Wife seems to be sticking with me and says I’m even more entertaining than ever. She does seem to be sitting farther across the room, however. So, overall, I’m rating the new product a success. Keep on chuggin’.


I found the graininess to be highly overplayed by the media. Its really not that bad


Same here, @malove2play. I actually don’t find it grainy at all.


Yup, graininess and texture hasn’t been a problem here either. I find a tsp or two of PB2 per meal makes it creamier, and definitely tastier. Particularly the chocolate pb2, but the standard stuff is helpful too.