1.1 not dissolving as well as 1.0?


I’ve noticed that the 1.1 formula doesn’t dissolve as well as the 1.0 formula. Has anyone else noticed this? I consistently end up with a lot more sitting at the bottom of the glass than I used to with 1.0. I’ve tried giving it extra time to soak but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Thanks!


I haven’t noticed any at all. I use an immersion blender though. It helps my DIY and is fun so I using it for Soylent as well. The only time I’ve seen an issue is when I forget to put water in first so some powder gets stuck on the bottom.


So far this actually seems to be about the same to me as 1.0. It could be that the sediment is more noticeable due to the thinner consistency, but I haven’t had any issues other than that. Could be some other minor changes: maybe the water you’re using (if room temperature) is getting colder with the weather?


I have found that shaking the bag up before hand helps with this. I discovered it by accident as I add xanthan gum to Soylent 1.1 to thicken it up. I put it in the bag and reseal, then shake it well before pouring into the container. You could try shaking it well before opening the bag, just tap the bag a bit to make sure the excess falls from the top of the bag. I use the container that came with my starter kit and shake well by hand.