1.2 Gas issues?


I’ve seen no mention of 1.3 anywhere yet. I LOVED 1.2 when I got my first round. No gas, felt full, loved it. But now my second batch is 1.3 and I’m not doing so well. I’m thrilled it is a now 100% Veg, but man this gas is killing me. It is also thicker and gets stuck in my throat more and leaves more “residue” behind in the glass after a serving. Anyone else have 1.3 and experiencing similar?


I think you may have your version numbers out of whack. The latest version is 1.2 not 1.3. There has been no announcement about when 1.3 will come out. We are all hoping the gas issue will be fixed with 1.3. As far as the thickness and gas of 1.2 it is recommended you add digestive enzymes like Beano and GasX.


You have version 3. Not 1.3.

Version 1 was 1.0, not 1.1. Thus version 1 = 1.0, version 2 = 1.1, version 3 = 1.2.


Thank you! That makes so much more sense. I guess I had 1.1 originally even though the books included said 1.2.


I loved 1.1 too! Beano isn’t cutting it and whenever my friends ask about Soylent the first thing I tell them is that it makes you fart constantly. How the hell could consistency be a higher priority than bad gas? It’s upsetting that people got so upset over something so petty.


It was also for safety reasons. Don’t ask me what – IANAD :smile:

You gotta admit though – adding enzymes is a band-aid solution. Hopefully they’ll find a real solution soon – the citrate duo sounds promising.


Well, they also said in the 1.2 release announcement that a small group of users reported the enzymes improved digestion, so it could be that a larger group saw no benefit on gas and also found it thinner in consistency. And there were concerns expressed on the forum about the enzymes affecting the GI and causing sugar spikes. Probably reduced life once mixed I’d imagine too. It might have been a little more than something so petty.

I’m curious what “and other options” will be as far as solving gas in future releases.


They removed the enzymes because they didn’t work for everyone and they upped the production costs. Makes sense to me.


Could the blood sugar spikes still be happening in 1.2? I’ve been getting severe hot flashes and cold sweats since I started this new batch. Headaches started as well. Symptoms of blood sugar issues. I think I’ll look into that more.


I’m also looking forward to the 1.3 fart free version. Can’t come too soon.


Blood sugar spikes could still be possible since you’re consuming a lot of carbohydrate in liquid form, but they were almost certain to be significantly stronger with the addition of digestive enzymes which break down the complex carbohydrate so that you can digest it more easily. If you weren’t experiencing blood sugar spikes on 1.1 then it is unlikely to be the cause in 1.2


I was having extreme gas issues with the 1.0 version of Soylent.

I tried Beno, drinking slower, different water levels, and waiting WEEKS and WEEKS for my body to adjust which never happened.

Now I am taking activated charcoal as a supplement and my gas is totally gone. Definitely worth a shot if nothing else is working for you guys.

14 Fart Facts (Activated Charcoal may fix gas problems!)

It’s worth a try. What exactly are you taking and how much?


I was able to pick up some charcoal on the way home last night.

CharcoCaps Activated Charcoal Antacid

Trying it out today with no Beano in V1.2.

it’s 520mg taken with each ~600ml Soylent ‘meal’.

We’ll see how it goes.


The fact its an antacid makes me a little weary. Some of the vitamins in Soylent require stomach acid to work properly.


For the record, it’s much easier to add enzymes than take them out if you don’t want them. Just as it’s much easier to add sweetener than remove it.

I personally don’t have huge problems with gas, so I would much prefer the thicker consistency and non-broken-down complex carbohydrates.

Still hoping for a proper solution for those for whom the gas doesn’t go away, though.


Just as an update, I’m now on my last bag from the first box and the gas seems to be finally passing (lol). Still not sure if I’m going to keep my subscription going or wait until 1.3 to try again.


I made a mistake when I posted that. The kind that I got is not the antacid formula. The only active ingredient is activated charcoal.

CharcoCaps Anti-Gas


I have a theory that the gas is because the stuff is finely powdered so there’s a lot of surface area and area available for the bacteria to attack on and produce gas.

Side note: I had Soylent for lunch. Its evening and now I’m producing smelly pungent farts with regularity that I was not producing before.


I said this in another thread but I’ll add it here. Been on 1.2 since last night and have had exactly 1 fart in all that time, and it didn’t even stink. Definitely a notable change from 1.0, though I don’t know why since 1.2 doesn’t have the enzymes…