1.2 Gas issues?


Headaches are also a symptom of mass die-offs of gut bacteria. If you change your diet too rapidly, you will indeed get quite sick. Your gut is populated with bacteria that live off of the things you eat - stop eating those things, and those bacteria starve. As they do so, they basically poison you, and knock out part of your immune system. This resolves itself as new gut bacteria become established. It can be prevented by changing your diet very slowly, rather than all at once.


Soylent contains a bit of necessary dietary sulfur, but it also contains many vitamins in the form of sulfates. Sulfates feed bacteria that produce the rankest odor, and that’s the reason why Soylent causes such horrible odor in flatulence.

If they change their supplements to gluconates, which are much better-absorbed by the body in any case, the majority if this problem will most likely go away.


What vitamins are in in the form of sulfates? The list i have shows only zinc and manganese as sulfates.


Hopefully the company people can look into this.


Maybe because your system has adjusted to Soylent now? Plenty of people had gas at first, but it went away after a period of adjustment.


I dunno… was on 1.0 for months before having just a single pitcher of 1.2 and presto - instant observable change. Am back to 1.0 again now and gas seems to be what it always has been, which is to say what I would consider to be “normal” by most people’s standards whereas pre-Soylent I almost never had any gas whatsoever and when I did it rarely had any smell at all.


I still have a week of 1.1, but I really wanted to check out 1.2, so I made a pitcher yesterday.

The texture confused me, because it seemed a lot like 1.1 without the xantham gum I’ve been adding, but to my amazement, I had very little gas compared to what’s become normal since starting Soylent.

My husband, on the other hand, had no issues at all on 1.1, but had scary death farts after a glass of 1.2.

Go figure.


Seems like different ingredients are responsible for farts in different people. While for some it could be two or more in tandem.


I started with 1.2 and didn’t have problems with gas. I’m not waiting for my subscription to kick in (started with a 1 week trial). So my next experience will be with 1.3 unless another formula change happens first.

I was having a gas issue with my DIY mix so I was glad to see that was improved with the genuine product for me.


my gas issues were terrible, but after religiously taking a beano before each serving I hardly have any gas. Still on my 1.2 boxes.


Yes, gas for over two months! Other intestinal distress too. Some report improvement with acid reflux, not so with me.

I start very day with a 16 oz glass of Norwalked organic vegetable juice, the best there is, so am getting lots of phytos and live enzymes. I use soylent for about 10-15 meals a week.

Really it is THE BEST protein /meal replacement powder I have ever had and I think I’ve tried them all! (Any herbalifers out there? you are getting ripped off) I usually bullet my serving with a whole cucumber or other fresh vegetable, tart berry or unsweet citrus.

Please, please, please make a low carb/glycemic index unsweetened version. The taste is nice at first but man I do tire of sweet In EVERY drink and am already insulin resistant.

I expect you will resolve the gas effect. I am a happy and loyal lifetime customer!


I just started on 1.2 and so far the horror-farts seem to have been mitigated substantially. I’ll keep my eye on the situation.


Interesting, I had the same experience the 1 day I had 1.2. I traded the remainder to someone else who had 1.0 but couldn’t handle the sucralose. I’ll bet getting 1.3 shortly, interested to see if I notice any change in the gas regard, although personally it’s not causing major issues for me regardless. Still will be interesting if something has changed even without those added enzymes.