1.2 has a really bad taste!

So far, 1.0 had the best taste of them all, but I realized they wanted to make Soylent as ‘plain’ as possible and removed the sweetener. Which is fine I guess, cause 1.1 just tasted like 1.0 except less sweet. But now they’ve done something weird with 1.2 cause it has a very very weird taste to it… that is hard to put the finger on but it tastes weird.

I’m hoping 1.3 will be better but I guess not…

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I ate 1.3 for the first time today and it tastes much like 1.2. Maybe a little bit milder flavor, but I’m not sure.

I liked 1.2 just fine though, to me it tasted just like 1.1, so our tastes seem to differ.

This is just a guess, but I think what might be happening is that you’re tasting the oat flour, which may have been masked in 1.1 due to the enzymes breaking down some of the carbohydrate into sugars before you taste it. Kind of like how bread starts to taste a little sweet the longer you hold it on your tongue. I don’t think there were any other changes that could affect taste.

Even though I don’t mind the taste I agree that it’s a strange flavor compared to the first two versions.

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Algal oil instead of fish.?

Oh right, that happened. I guess that’s possible, though wasn’t the algal oil supposedly more neutral?

I dont know.


Yeah - I really liked the taste of 1.1 - sometimes I’d be tempted to drink it just as a snack - but 1.2 taste like a thick, oaty mess. Any suggestion on how to get it to taste more like 1.1?

You could potentially try adding some additional sucralose or something, to try to get the sweetness up a bit. Or, I guess you could add the enzymes that were in 1.1 yourself.

@denkert: I have a few weeks of 1.0 that I’m willing to trade if you’d like. (Just the powders. I’d rather not ship the oil again.)

Add a couple of Splenda packets to 1.2 and it’ll taste like 1.0…no idea about 1.3 as I’ve yet to receive it.

I added what amounts to 8 drops of stevia to one pitcher of Soylent 1.2 and was STUNNED at how amazingly satisfying it was to drink. YMMV but for me it was amazingly good.

Thanks guys, will try to add stevia!

1.2 is the first version I’ve tried, but after just a couple of days I don’t think I can drink it anymore. There’s something about the taste/smell that makes me gag after a few sips. I’ll try Stevia, but I’m skeptical. Anyone else have a problem getting over this?

I added a pack of Nutrisweet to my glass of 1.2 and warmed it in my Microwave and it reminded me of the Eggnog I’ve been craving. But I like 1.2 a lot with nothing added.

Interesting… I haven’t been brave enough to try deliberately warming Soylent - given how much I didn’t especially like it at room temp. But maybe warm would be different. Will have to ponder that one! :slight_smile:

I just tried v1.2 for the first time. v1.1 is the only other version I’ve had. v1.2 definitely tastes less sweet to me than did v1.1.

v1.1 actually tasted a little too good to me because it tempted me to drink it just for the taste even if I wasn’t hungry. v1.2 isn’t like that, which ought to be a good thing and yet still part of me thinks “Gee, I wish this tasted like v1.1.” Perhaps that’s a testament to how strong our urge is to try to get pleasure from food even if we’re not consciously trying to do so.

It tastes good enough though, although maybe that is irrelevant now anyway since v1.3 is on the market. And v1.2 is definitely thicker than v1.1, which I’m not crazy about at first drink but that may be because the consistency of v1.1 is all I’ve had up until now.

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To me 1.2 has a wet cardboard taste that makes it almost impossible for me to eat. I’m mixing it with a bunch of different things but can’t mask that taste.

I tried 1.3 last night and it’s wonderful. Much, much better.

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FYI some 1.2 is defective, possibly contaminated. I’d shelf the whole lot until we know more.