1.3 - no gas issues


Interesting. After 2 entire days on 1.3 I’ve had none of the usual issues with gas that have been a major factor from 1.1 and 1.2. Not sure if it’s the version or just my body finally adapting, but whatever it is I’m glad.


Huh, interesting. I don’t know whether they changed anything that would affect gas in 1.3, but I hope this turns out to be the case for more people too. :smile:


Only real difference is then source of potassium, I doubt that is the reason :slight_smile:
Perhaps the gas will return soon heh, or your body has adjusted :wink:


Interesting. Unfortunately those of us who had a problem with gas from 1.0-1.2 haven’t ordered 1.3 so we won’t know if it’s better now…


And I’ll tell you how 1.4 fares when I get it. :smile:


Apparently the OP had a problem and he did order 1.3, so your quip is wrong.


Seeing the same thing…Way less gas for me so far…Not counting the family size chilli from wawa yesterday, things are good.


I had really bad gas with 1.1 and 1.2. But by the end of 1.2 it has gotten much better. I did try 1.3 last night and it was pretty good stuff compared to 1.2. Only one instance of the foul. I think my body has finally adjusted. I still have several bags of 1.2 to finish. (have to choke it down because it’s taste is awful)


There are threads here that suggest improvements to taste/texture of 1.2 if you are interested.


I’m surprised to hear 1.3 tastes so much better than 1.2.


I just started on soylent and I eat it for 2 meals out of the day, no gas issues. BUT I have noticed when I go #2 it stinks more than usual.

I was surprised at how “chalky” it is. I was expecting a smoother liquid much like milk.

Its not bad tasting though. The chalkyness just makes me want to chew on it but obviously that isn’t physically possible.


A bunch of us have discussed before how Soylent triggers the desire to chew while drinking, as strange as it seems to do. But I don’t mind chewing my drink. LOL It just seems like the right thing to do somehow.


Yes, I found myself chewing as I drank too. Probably a healthy thing to do.

And yes, it made not only my gas but also my craps smell like crap.


I hope that will be case by time I finally reach my 1.2 stock. By time 1.2 is gone Soylent probably will be at 1.6 or something lol


I’m still on a couple boxes of 1.0.


I had major has issued with 1.1. I skipped 1.2. I’m NOT having any gas issues with 1.3


How is the gas?


Not disputing your experience-- but I do not have the urge to chew Soylent.

Although, it may have something to do with starting off with DIY People Chow, which is based on much grittier masa flour. By comparison to People Chow, Soylent is like a melted smoothy. Thicker than water, but still essentially a liquid.

FWIW, I did have some gas issues initially with People Chow (7-14 days worth) and took Beano the first day I used Soylent 1.3. I have stopped taking Beano and haven’t had any noteworthy gas issues. I have gas, but that’s a standard part of life. It is no more frequent than normal and no more foul smelling than normal, and my wife has made no comments.

I actually have worse gas consuming broccoli than Soylent 1.3. True story.


After the first 1-2 weeks, the gas went back to my “normal” levels. (My family has complained for years that I’m gassy, so take that with a teaspoon of salt :wink:)
Now that I’ve been off the Soylent bandwagon for a month or so (yes, almost too busy to prepare Soylent ahead of time) I’ll be getting back on it. I expect I’ll have excess, smellier gas for the first week or so as I adjust to it again. My “normal” consumption rate was 2 meals of 500 calories each day- One bag would last me 2 days. I’d eat muggle/traditional/normal food for dinner.


Just wanted to say that for a long time, I’ve had no gas issues with 1.3. But yesterday, I ran out and had to eat some old v1.2 I had stashed away. The difference was enormous- I had bloating, cramps and gas all day. I switched back to 1.3 and I’m fine. To me, this proves that whatever change was made in 1.3, it was for the better, at least as far as gastrointestinal distress is concerned.