1.4 abdominal pain

I have been using Soylent since 1.1 and other than the initial gas/fart issue that eventually subsided, I’ve had good luck. I use it for breakfast and lunch, but eat a “regular” meal for dinner. This is a great thing for me.

I was on vacation for a week without Soylent and when I returned, I started with the 1.4 (the timing worked out!)

Been on it for 4 days now, and having gas again, but IN ADDITION to the farts, I’m having a gas PAIN (upper GI just below the sternum) - it’s definitely not lower gut pain OR heartburn, but a gas pain.

The pain occurs approximately 20 min after drinking the Soylent and lasts until I take simethicone pills. Is anyone else experiencing this? I love Soylent, but I can’t be in pain every time I use it! Help:(

I can’t speak to 1.4 because I’m skipping that round. But I want to extend my sympathies. I had bowel pain when I was doing 1.1. I’m talking several hours every day on the toilet wondering if it was time to call an ambulance. Immodium became a food group for me. It almost put me off the whole soylent experiment because that was my first version. In fact, I got off it after the pains stopped (it took several days) and waited for the next version which was better especially with the psyllium capsules.

I hope you figure out what is going on. One should not have to take drugs to be able to digest food absent a specific condition.


I have a variant of Crohn’s Disease and have had bouts of crippling, gut-rending, red-hot-sword-through-the-abdomen pain all my life. So I sympathize.

That said, 1.4 is the first Soylent I’ve tried, and so far, so good. I eased onto it over a period of four days, and have done two days Soylent only, and so far no “stomach attacks.”

Yes, I’m having pain as well. And, not to be gross, but frequent and painful bowl movements.

To be specific… I have been using Soylent since 1.1 and have experienced the normal, warned about flatulence that one can expect to experience from going from a non-Soylent diet to a mostly-Soylent diet. Since returning from vacation and switching from 1.3 to 1.4, I am having the normal gas and weird stools that I would expect from normal Soylent “start up” (i.e., I am used to, and accept the, normal flatulence etc…that the manufacturers warn about, especially since I took a week off from vacation) but in addition, with 1.4, I am finding that I am having upper abdominal pain - meaning - it’s in my stomach. NOT my intestines. (I’m a medical person). The “normal” flatulence and greasy bowel movements that you experience when weaning onto Soylent are NOT what I"m wondering about. I am wondering about upper abdominal (i.e., stomach pain, NOT lower GI pain). I am not wondering about colitis, diarrhea, farting, lower abdominal discomfort… I am wondering if anyone else is getting specific stomach pain located in the area about an inch below the sternum. This is NEW and UNUSUAL to me, having been a Soylent user for several months before… Thanks. Sorry for the long description!

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Since you consumed one week of solid food on your vacation could it be that your stomach is being stretched/stomach spasms when you went on a liquid 1.4? When you got back did you go 100%1.4?

Sounds like the symptoms my girlfriend had when her gallbladder got clogged with stones.

Good thought and question. I was never at 100%, even pre-vacation on 1.3. I use Soylent 1-2x/day (ideally breakfast and lunch, then eat a “regular” dinner). After my vacation, which was Soylent-free, I returned to using Soylent only 1x/day so far (3 days so far). Each day, I get this gut-ache 20 min afterward. I will let you know how today goes (day 4).

So to summarize, I don’t think it’s because of the amount/frequency of Soylent, because it’s similar or less than pre-vacation. However, it’s possible my body is complaining about getting used to it again. I did NOT have these symptoms at all when starting Soylent originally, or any of the other versions 1.1 through 1.3, Thanks for your replies everyone.

Is your pain upper GI (right below the sternum) or throughout the abdomen, including the intestines? Mine is very specific upper GI. I’m not having any pain at all in the intestines or with BMs…It is not heartburn, and not the pain that typically accompanies diarrhea. I am having loose stools but not painful. The loose stools are somewhat to be expected from my previous Soylent experience (getting used to it originally) but the pain is new and unexpected.

I have also experienced severe pain in not only the upper GI but also throughout the abdomen, although I don’t know anatomy well enough to tell you exactly where it occurred. I have only had Soylent 1.4 so I do not know if this is something unique to me or something related to this specific version. The first few days I did not experience any pain, however, after about three or four days, I started getting very severe pain after about 20 minutes after ingesting. I tried a few times after the pain began but it only seemed to get worse. The pain was so bad that I’ve decided to not continue with Soylent until the issue is somehow addressed.

Anything resolve itself here? I’m having a dull pain/ache in mid-lower left side back. It feels very kidney stone-esque to me. I’m actually headed to a doctor to check it out. I also get a bit of stomach unrest for 20-30 mins after drinking. I’m on v1.5. Don’t want to give up on this yet, but also don’t want to be doing any harm to my body.