1.4, aka goodbye soylent


If I couldn’t get Soylent I’d be fine switching back to Schmoylent. In fact I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate both into my diet.


Sounds like a rare and unfortunate problem :-(. I hope you can find a solution or alternate.

If you liked it that much, you can probably try DIY soylent.


I didn’t think of this until now, but if you shouldn’t be risking consuming the oil of seeds, you really ought not to have consumed the previous iterations of soylent. The primary oil in the past was canola oil, and as we know, there is no such thing as a canola. It should be called rapeseed oil (but that is just a horrific name).


i’ve got a gigantic pile of the soylent oils in my basement ha, i never used them from the start. rapeseed is one i’m allergic to as well.


thanks so much for the offer! I’ll be contacting you soon, as well as a few others about getting some 1.3 while it’s still around.

I’ll at some point probably switch to this:
or maybe make my own, i’ll have to see.


I would be very surprised to see Rosa Labs do this. It distracts from their unrelenting focus on monolithic, bland, inexpensive food-as-public-utility. Honestly I think they’d do better just sticking to one version at a time, with no legacy support.


I’d be surprised too. I think if they split off it will not be versions but whole new products. Perhaps flavor packets or customized protein packets (if they continue down the low protein route).

I’m thinking that now that the concept has been proved via Soylent, its competitors and the DIY market we may start to see stuff on store shelves. Specialty of course. And I really wonder what will show up there.



Am I the only guy on Earth who doesn’t have my entire life screwed up over minor food changes?

Sure 1.0 made me fart but I could live with it.
I disliked the consistency of 1.1 but I quickly adapted my preparation method and I haven’t had any issues with 1.2 or 3.
These mo or chances mean nothing to me. Am I just better adapted to survive on Earth while the vast majority of you are too sickly to make it without over processed and sterilized foods?


That is an uncalled for stab at everyone for who Soylent means a lot. Take it back my good sir :wink:


How would you know anything about the vast majority of us? Do you have survey data you forgot to mention?


Do you know what screws up the life of most people on earth?..lack of healthy food.


he’s got an interesting point though. one of the healthiest people I know survives on fast food and chili, and his daily routine involves rappelling down the grand canyon! Always full of energy, no health issues whatsoever. Sure it might catch up with him, but he’s the same age as me and look how vulnerable I am… Hard to say why things work the way they do


I’m a little worried about this because I am seeing the words sunflower, potato, and rice starch thrown around (I know it contained rice protein before but things listed as rice protein have not bothered me in the past, I’m not sure if there’s much difference allergen-wise) … and I am allergic to all of those things :frowning: I’ve only tried one serving of 1.2 someone gave me one time and it did not bother me. Been waiting for Soylent for 6 months now I’m not sure how I’m going to react when I actually get it with this new formula, but I guess we’ll find out. The changes sound very exciting though and my allergies are only minor (not on the epi-pen level) so I should be able to evaluate how it effects me. I’m still excited to try it but just a little nervous that it wont be for me. So far I’ve been getting a keto formula from custombodyfuel to avoid as many of my allergens as I can and with great success I might add. :slight_smile:


I’d chalk it up to genetics. Some people start higher on the healthy chart than others. Even if you are healthy, eating unhealthy foods will change you sooner or later. Same goes vice versa :wink:


My step mom knew a guy who ran ultra marathons all the time (between 50 kilometers and 100 miles). he regularly ate fast food, and had a generally unhealthy diet, but figured since he was constantly exercising, his body would take care of all the unhealthy stuff. He died of a heart attack in his early 50’s.


Would you prefer we go back to talking about shipping delays?


I remember reading an article where some long distance runners are at a higher risk for heart attack due to the stress hormones (or something like that) that get released during long runs. still really sucks to be dealt that hand when you spent so much time exercising, :frowning:


Maybe Soylent should also go custom.


As the one person who has been crazy enough to offer this service (perhaps with the exception of @DrSkittlesworth?), I will honestly say that it’s not worth it from any rational business perspective. Rosa Labs is not set up at all to offer customization, and I can’t imagine why they’d want to.


Soylent is intended to be a one size fits most approach to nutrition. It is intended to be consumed as is without modification. Soylent will never exactly match the nutritional needs of a specific person and to suggest that RL even try is just crazy talk. If people want a custom fit blend then they have no other choice but to go DIY.