1.4 half batch mixing


I got an email when I got my soylent saying the scoop measurement wouldn’t be right before but it’s been awhile and I deleted it…

Now I’ve gotten a blender bottle since my soylent use turned rather erratic due to various reasons and want to make half batches but have no clue how. I figured, eh whatever I’ll use the scoop anyway. Well theres not enough room for 8 scoops of water and 4 of soylent when there should be so now I guess I have a bottle of slightly heavier than usual soylent and am wondering what the right usage is.


Assuming you have the old scoop: Preparing Soylent 1.4 With The Legacy Measuring Scoop. Otherwise I have no idea. :smile:


Yep thats it, judging by that I’m 1 scoop too heavy on soylent and water. Thanks, now just one short batch to suffer through before it’s right :smiley:


My method: I use a scale to measure the exact grams directly into my blender. For a full pouch: I make 84ounces (Soylent and water mixture).

For a half pouch: 42ounces total mixture.

I have four 21 ounce insulated stainless Hydroflask bottles for filling up and portability.


To make a half batch of 1.4, use 3.5 scoops Soylent powder, and 3.5 cups of water.


Same here.

measure by weight, then the only question will be how well the mixture is distributed in the bag (ie is there any settling)


how do you pack your scoops ? do you level it off, or not. tap it in the bench to settle it, or not ?
an ounce is an once, a scoop can vary wildly.


The info that comes with the Soylent says that the bag contains approximately 7 to 8 scoops. So I approximate the measurements and don’t worry about the little stuff. It all balances out in the end.



At first I would measure it out with the scoop, but I soon found that I hated fitting the thing in the bag (tight fit) and leveling it off. I always ended up with some powder on the the counter top.
Additionally, I never used the scoop to measure out how much water I put in.
Just easier to dump into my blender, which is sitting on top of the scale.