1.4 leaves me a lot hungrier than 1.2


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience, I just received a huge batch of 1.4 but I’ve been struggling with it mightily because it seems to leave me a lot hungrier and “crashy” than before.

I got in the abit of adding a couple scoops of a cheap whey protein mix from Costco to my daily dose and things have been a lot easier. Wondering if this is widespread or just me.


I’ve never used 1.2 but I know when I first started to go 100% 1.4 that it took a couple of days until my body was used to the limited food. Before Soylent I ate indiscriminately. I was motivated to go 100% soylent as a means to ensure nutrition as well as regulating a set daily amount of food. My body adjusted to the amount and I’ve actually not had any hunger outside the daily allowance of soylent. Not even non-hunger, lingering appetite.

How long have you been using Soylent and to what degree? That could help others to help assess your question.


Anecdotally, there are a decent number of people who have mentioned adding whey protein to 1.4 on the forum, some purely for taste/texture reasons and others for perceived health reasons. I’m not sure how many people actually felt hungrier or “crashy,” however. You could do a search in the top right or even make a poll.

Do you consume large or small meals? I prefer more frequent, smaller meals; I think @geneven experimented with drinking all his daily calories before 11 am and is still alive to tell the tale.


Adding some protein is great, just be sure to stay under your caloric needs.


It is well established that under most conditions, protein is more satiating than the isoenergetic ingestion of carbohydrate or fat


I added Whey protein to 1.4 to make it more filling and it worked for me too. With 1.5 I’m not adding anything and it seemes more filling anyway.


Yes, I’m still still alive. I have stopped adding extra water to 1.5 (I was adding two cups to the regular portion) and am often drinking all my Soylent by 5 p.m. or so. I stay up till midnight and am not hungry then.


Luckymethod, I have had the exact same experience. 1.4 leaves me feeling less satiated as previous versions. I’ve started snacking while on 1.4 occasionally, as a result, whereas I never did before.

I haven’t had 1.5 yet - had to pause my sub for a while. (it figures, dammit - right when they open shipping to Canada, too!)

Anyway, it’s not just you. If you’d rather not increase your calorie intake, try adding extra fibre instead. (there’s threads here on the topic of the best fibre to add to Soylent, IIRC)