1.4 should be called 2.0


Continuing the discussion from Isomaltulose in Soylent 1.4:

Let’s examine the release notes.

Soylent 1.1 Changelog

  • Contains a new digestive enzyme blend
  • The amount of sucralose is lowered
  • Shipping boxes are smaller
  • Pouch zippers are powder-resistant
  • Oil bottles have improved seals

Soylent 1.2 Changelog

  • The fish oil is replaced by algal oil
  • The digestive enzyme blend is removed

Soylent 1.3 Changelog

  • Potassium gluconate is replaced by dipotassium phosphate
  • Shipping boxes are smaller

Soylent 1.4 Changelog

  • Fat sources are incorporated in the powder; oil bottle is gone
  • Macronutrient ratio is changed
  • Oat flour content is reduced
  • Maltodextrin content is reduced
  • Protein content is reduced
  • Isomaltulose, potato, and rice are added
  • Gum acacia is removed
  • Fiber content is reduced
  • Sodium content is increased
  • Chloride content is increased
  • Artificial vanilla flavor is removed
  • Number of servings per pouch is increased to four
  • Shipping boxes are smaller

As you can see, versions 1.1 to 1.3 are relatively minor updates. 1.4 has very significant changes to the core product. Therefore, I think it should be called version 2.0.


Maybe it’s like MacOS… (they really like the number 10)… which means we’ll probably go through 1.8 and 1.9 before we get to 2.0.


That was my thought this morning when I took my first sip. Not only is the color different, the texture slightly altered (smoother, but still as thick), the taste is completely different. Should be 2.0.


If they had spread these last round of changes out over several editions instead of cramimg them all into one would you still be making the same recommendation?


I think changing the oil triggered many of the other changes. So yeah, that should have led to it being called 2.0.


I don’t think it was the oil that triggered the other changes but they did change the first 5 ingredients. So from that perspective you guys may have a point.


Doesn’t this seem like a rather silly thing to debate?


Yes, if this wasn’t the internet.


We’ve done sillier .


The community heavily leans towards the tech crowd, which often has rather strong opinions on versioning. I personally have opinions just below strong.

That being said. The level of change in 1.4 made me think the same thing as OP. Will I care too much if they just keep going sequentially? No. Would I have started the discussion if OP hadn’t? Probably.


Not that it really matters but… Having now started my first day with 1.4, I kinda lean towards agreeing with the 2.0 notion because this is a completely different product, in every way that matters.

New look, new smell, new taste, new texture… new product. There is close to zero resemblance of Soylent 1.4, to any previous incarnation of Soylent.


I think dogs are better than cats.


Prove it. :wink:



It is completely different product. I reordered 2 weeks but I thought I was getting 1.3 which I’ve had the most luck with, but ended up getting 1.4.
I had my first try of it a few hours ago and honestly it was hard to get down. I felt like I was trying to drink a glass of salt water. After I had 3 hours of nausea and now the bad gas has returned that I struggled with in 1.0. To top it off I’m hungrier sooner than usual compared to 1.3


Forget the “silliness” of the debate over versioning schemes for a moment; I agree that they probably changed too much all at once. Perhaps the change in the oil delivery necessitated a lot of the other changes, but taken together, the result (for me) is that 1.4 tastes like an entirely different product.