1.5 and 2.0 for sale, SoCal, shedding excess before a move out of state early next year

As the title says, I have a number of boxes of 2.0 (pre-prepared soylent in bottles) and boxes of version 1.5 powder.

I’d like to recoup what I paid for them before moving out of state early to mid next year, these products were purchased earlier this year.

I have 6 unopened boxes of 7 bags of powder (v1.5) and one open but complete box of the same. These are from July, August, and September of last year (2015), the open box being one left from June (2015).

I also have a total of 21 containers of 12x bottles of 2.0. 10 of these containers are still in the shipping boxes from July of this year (2016), the other 11 containers are 10 from May and one remaining from April of this year (2016).

I’m willing to sell the containers/boxes piecemeal or all at once for a slight discount, prices are slightly negotiable, but keep in mind that having paid more for the powders at the time than they cost now, I have already discounted them accordingly, to be fair.

The 2.0 bottles are actually more expensive now, however I will not charge more than I paid for the product at the time, therefor these can be had at a better price and a higher degree of immediacy if you live in my area.

I live in Upland, CA. Near Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont, Montclair, etc. I am willing to drive to Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Anaheim, etc. Up to maybe an hours drive, in order to offload the product I still have, and I’m willing to meet up just as far if you’re further and are interested in meeting.


For the boxes of powder (v1.5) $54 per box of 7 bags, or $350 for all 7 boxes of 7 bags. (6 unopened, 1 open but complete)

For the 12 bottle containers of pre-prepared (2.0) $29 per container, or $575 for all 21 containers (10 in shipping boxes, 11 containers)

Please recall these prices are slightly negotiable! I’m also not willing to ship any of this, delivery/pickup/meet to purchase only.

Payment in cash, money order, or cashier’s check is acceptable.

I’m excited to see the interest in my excess soylent! :smile: Personally the 2.0 beverages have been very convenient and a great consistency for me, and the 1.5 powder was preferable to me over 1.4 or 1.6, when I could get the mix right.

I’m somewhat new to this forum but I assume I can be private messaged on here. If any prospective purchasers or procurers are unable to contact me in the aforementioned fashion, feel free to let me know in the topic and I’ll see if I can send you another form of contact.


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