1.5 Bad Batch (L5259)

Has anyone else had a bad experience with lot L5259 (exp. 09/16)? I have been eating Soylent for the majority of my breakfasts for nearly a year. I ordered a box of one week in mid March and it was the worst smelling and tasting Soylent I’ve had yet. It is also darker than usual. I’ve experienced flavor changes between orders before but after trying a couple servings of this one, I have no desire to eat any more of it.

I contacted customer service about this to ask for a replacement order and they gave me one, which I was grateful for. I opened the first bag and in the new order and realized it has the exact same bad taste and smell. It also has the same lot number and expiry date. I would have a very hard time believing this is just a normal variation in flavor. I’m guessing one of the ingredients has gone bad or it was mixed improperly.

Right now, I’m not sure what to do. I have 12 bags of Soylent that I have no interest in eating, and I’m afraid if I order another box, it will be the same. I am thinking I might just go a month or two without it and maybe order again when a new version comes out.

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It seems clear that Soylent has a “hair-trigger” effect on people. Suddenly some minor change causes some tasters to absolutely hate it. I have never felt that way myself, but the evidence from reading this site for the last year and a half seems to point in that direction.

I’m not sure what would cause such a phenomenon.

You could specifically request that RL send you a different batch.

Once, BTW, someone sent samples to other customers of what they considered a bad batch, and none of the recipients thought the samples tasted bad. Puzzling.

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Requesting a different batch is a good idea.

It’s possible that I’m wrong, but I would be very surprised if other Soylent users thought this particular Soylent is fine. Or if someone at Rosa Labs tasted it and said it meets their expectations of the product. I’ve had batches that did not taste quite as good as others, but I think my senses are telling me this one is spoiled somehow.

I was one such recipient, @ravenvii sent a bag of her “bad batch” to five separate users, with the requirement that we all report back. Nobody reported that the batch tasted bad, or was noticeably different.

Like Soylent 1.4? Free pouch in exchange for review


Sorry I’m a little late here, but it took me a while to get to my last bag of L5247 since I didn’t really want to open the newer shipment of L5259. I could find no difference at all between my two batches. No one in my family could notice a difference either.

Here is a side by side picture. I really tried to get the lighting uniform, but because there are two windows and house lighting around it might be slightly different on the two samples.


Thanks for the info and great picture. This makes me think that the particular Soylent I got was just spoiled somehow. They are graciously sending me an order of L5258. When I get it I will make sure to post here again and compare it to my bad L5259.

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I always smell my Soylent when I open it up. Just did my ritual and it smelt BAD… salty. Still went ahead and put into the blender, noticed it was darker than usual right away so I came straight to the intenets… Googled “Soylent L5259” and found this. You are describing my exact same situation. Too bad I’m friggin starving right now.

I will contact customer support.
Thanks for making the post - helped confirm my senses.

EDIT: yeah, no way I want to eat it, and I have 14 bags of it :frowning:

EDIT 2: after the work day I just went back to the bag, exhaled, then took a deep sniff - almost gagged, sort of reminded me of some fish food I’ve smelt in the past, I am sure it is off.

I just received another shipment as part of my regular subscription, got some L5298 and something is still off. It does not smell as bad as L5259 but this does not taste like the Soylent I was using just last week and frankly it is bad.

It is more chalky, more rice tasting, less vanilla, more salty and less sweet. Blah.

IDK what changed mid-way through v1.5 but I cannot continue with this roulette for 66% of my diet. :sob:

Well it’s good to know someone else found the same thing. I always smell my Soylent too and knew something was up right away. I even tried to eat it a couple times but could not get through a serving before dumping it.

It’s too bad that you got another batch that you don’t like but I don’t think it’s a progressive change with v1.5. I checked the box from my order before L5259, which was fine, and it was a later batch. L5301 I think.

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I usually add stevia to 1.5, so I doubt that I would notice it was less sweet. The chalkiness doesn’t bother me. More rice tasting, less vanilla, I don’t care.

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Well I care - I’ve used Soylent for about 8 months now for 2/3 meals and I am not expecting the recipe to change mid-way through a version. The latest batch I got (L5298) is edible but it is not like the Soylent I am used to.

One of the main reasons people spend their money on pre-made foods instead of making their own is consistency. If every 5th box of Kraft Dinner tasted different it would not be what it is today. If every 10th can of coca-cola was watered down or flavoured different, it too would not be what it is today. I expect the same here.

When I open a new bag and smell the powder - my mouth starts to water - my body loves the stuff. So when I opened that bad batch (L5259) and I almost gagged I knew something was wrong and batch (L5298) does not seem quite right either.

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Oddly enough, I had read that Kraft did change the recipe in December but waited a few months to say so (attempting to avoid the new coke fiasco)


Kraft reveals revamped mac-and-cheese, 50 million boxes later.

I don’t think that the appeal of “home cooked meals” has anything to do with their absolute uniformity. On the contrary, I think that they are popular because each one is unique. Only when cooking becomes an industry does variance from the standard become a sin. In the case of Soylent, it is still a new product, under development. I think that anyone looking for changeless perfection should reread the messages on this site and consider buying something else – then return in twenty years and try again.

Dear Ric, If you are quietly trying to state that Kraft Dinner changes from batch to batch like I am experiencing, I think you have failed. Yes, maybe they did change it once or twice over the many many years, but no one seemed to notice - so they did it the right way. I noticed a change Ric. I noticed. :slight_smile:

Then they must have spent a nice amount of R&D changing it so it would still taste the same. Good job on their part.

Geneven, I am not cooking my Soylent, I am consuming it as an efficient source of carbs and was able to do so for 8 months straight without major taste variance. I think you missed the point of Soylent, because I feel it is the model T of foods, a very industrial in concept. A sin? :smile_cat:

I agree it is a new product, which is half the reason why I am not using exclamation marks or going off the deep end. I am simply not happy about a fish-food smelling batch and then a follow up batch that still is not quite like the product I’ve been using.

As for telling me to come back in 20 years - that is very pessimistic and you surely should not be a Soylent spokesperson :wink: I know they can do better.

Dear @Keith_Man, the poster right before me mentioned an article that he read about Kraft. So I posted said article.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you thought I was quietly trying to state that Kraft Dinner changes from batch to batch like you are experiencing, I think you have failed. :slight_smile:

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I am not a Soylent spokesman, but I did consume almost 100% Soylent for more than a year. Right now I’m at more like 80% of 2.0. I plan to go closer to 100% again whenever 1.6 comes out.

Yes, emphatically cost.