1.5 Has Arrived

Soylent 1.5 Has Arrived

The Soylent Team is constantly exploring options to create the most efficient and most nutritious option on the market without sacrificing taste and texture. Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Soylent 1.5, the most refined version of Soylent yet. With Soylent 1.4, we focused on efficiency by removing an element that we found superfluous to simplify the preparation process. With 1.5, we have enhanced the Soylent experience by making texture and taste our primary concerns.

Alongside the debut of 1.5, we are also thrilled to announce a few changes that have already enhanced our customers’ Soylent experience - the official launch of Soylent.com and the end of our shipping delays. With its new user-friendly interface and streamlined design, our Engineering Team has made managing your account and ordering Soylent even more efficient. The extraordinary efforts of our Operations Team have also led to great strides in manufacturing and distribution, ensuring that all orders now ship within 2-3 days.

We have made this huge leap forward as a result of your unwavering support. The entire Soylent Team extends its gratitude to all our customers, without whom none of this would be possible.

Please read on for a detailed summary of the changes made in Soylent 1.5:

Improved Texture

In the past, some customers have expressed that Soylent could have a slightly undesirable texture after overnight refrigeration. In order to further improve the experience of consumption, in 1.5 we made two changes that will drastically enhance texture after refrigeration.

First, oat flour was reduced by 25 grams. Oats, and specifically the effects of water and cold temperatures on the beta-glucan fibers within oats, were the cause of the unwanted texture. Lower quantities of oats effectively mitigates any potential unpleasantness.

In conjunction with the reduction in oats, we added a small amount of two new types of emulsifiers. While 1.4 contained just xanthan gum, Soylent 1.5 now has small amounts of a fiber known as cellulose gum, as well as carrageenan (not to be confused with degraded carrageenan, a different compound).

We’re happy to announce that these changes have resulted in an unparalleled consumption experience.

Changes in Carbohydrates

The reduction in oat flour has required us to make several tweaks to Soylent’s carbohydrate sources.

In 1.5, the rice starch has been reduced from 31 grams to 15 grams per pouch. To offset this, potato starch was increased by 23 grams. Additionally, 15 grams of a new type of disaccharide, trehalose, have been included. To round things off, isomaltulose was increased by 5 grams and sucralose was reduced to 15 milligrams.*. In total, 1.5 has approximately 8 grams more of carbohydrates per pouch than 1.4. For a detailed breakdown of all carbohydrates, please visit the carbohydrates FAQ page.

Changes in Powdered Oils

In this release, safflower and flaxseed oil powders were removed and replaced with canola oil powder. This new fatty acid source is supplemented with the existing high oleic sunflower oil and algal oil.

These modifications result in an even more robust fatty acid profile. Soylent 1.5 has a 94 percent increase in omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, ALA), a 92 percent increase in the omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, and a 17 percent reduction in the already low saturated fat levels. Soylent still contains no significant quantity of cholesterol or trans fats. For more information on the lipids in Soylent, please visit this FAQ page.

Slight Decrease in Sodium Chloride

In order to provide the most neutral flavor profile possible, the salt (sodium chloride) content has been reduced to 3.2 grams per pouch. This effectively reduces the total sodium content to 1,520 mg, on par with the Institute of Medicine’s daily recommended intake of 1,500 mg of sodium per day.

Learn More

For further information about Soylent’s ingredients and nutrition, please visit faq.soylent.com where there are in-depth articles on a variety of topics including Vitamin C, Protein and the Soylent Approach to Nutrition.


Hmm interesting update.

is this post by muggle again? lol


D’aw, I’ll miss the “slimy” and thick texture. But ah well.

I’m concerned with the canola oil powder. Will that irritate symptoms/reactions for those who suffer from canola oil allergies?

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Looks like good changes :slight_smile:
Some people reported that their protein levels in their blood were low after 1.4, is there a chance of a small increase in a later version? (doesn’t have to be 1.3 levels, but somewhere in between?)


Has anyone found the Soylent 1.5 Nutrition Facts PDF? Or is it not up yet?

These seem like very promising changes. At a minimum, they seem like responsive changes. I wish I didn’t have to wait almost three weeks for my first shipment. I will be very eager to hear how people respond to the new formula, especially those who approached v1.4 the way our political parties approach…everything, which is to say those who are passionate and polarized. Hopefully v1.5 will help us to find our way back to a happier community here.

I am also very impressed with the shipping turnaround improvements. The dark days of the Fall and Winter, when everyone was constantly griping (legitimately) about shipping delays are now officially over. It was almost exactly one year ago today that I put in my first order for Soylent. It’s nice that if I had just joined in now, I would be able to get my order in 2-3 days instead of having to wait until November, which is how it happened for me.


So… What’s the new macronutrient ratio/profile? Still 2000kcal/pouch, 500kcal/serving I assume…

P.S. This probably explains my SoCal order shipping last Thursday from PA rather than 40 miles away like usual… Probably the last of the 1.4 sitting around in PA while CA ramps up 1.5 (my guess)

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We are updating them and will also be releasing the open source for 1.5 soon.


If I unsuspend now will I be certain to get 1.5 Also, is there any official refund policy on the many bags of 1.4 that have because I found it undrinkable?

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The 1.5 Release Notes are up: http://files.soylent.com/pdf/soylent-release-notes.pdf

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It looks like the Nutrition Facts PDF was updated as well! You may need to reload if the 1.4 version was in your browser cache. Ctrl+R or F5 should do it.

Notable nutrition changes:

  • Fat is down to 23 g/serving from 24 g/serving.
  • Saturated Fat is down to 2.5 g/serving from 3 g/serving.
  • Sodium is down to 380 mg/serving from 410 mg/serving.
  • Carbohydrates are up to 57 g/serving from 51 g/serving.
  • Dietary Fiber is down to 3 g/serving from 4 g/serving.
  • Sugars are up to 15 g/serving from 11 g/serving.
  • Protein is down to 20 g/serving from 21 g/serving.

All the vitamins and minerals look identical to me.

Also (from the release notes): sucralose is down to 15 mg/pouch (from 30 mg/pouch of 1.4 and IIRC 60 mg/pouch of 1.0).

Reduced need for sweeteners, due to increase in isomaltulose and addition of trehalose.

I’m sure that won’t please the sucralose-haters, but they have managed to significantly reduce the already tiny amount of sucralose. I also thought it was interesting that the reduction in rice starch (15 g/pouch from 31 g/pouch) is due to a shortage.

Supply shortage forced us to reduce amount [of rice starch] used.

And they increased potato starch to compensate (45 g/pouch from 22 g/pouch). I think this type of flexible response is much better than Rosa Labs’ earlier responses to supply shortages (i.e., cessation of production).


Seriously?! :confused:


Yay for 1.5! Can’t wait to try it.

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Yippee! My subscription money is scheduled to be taken on Wednesday, which is perfect timing to get 1.5 just as I run out of my third month of 1.4. As usual, this is exciting.


Darn, my month’s subscription is already on its way; I could have paused because I have almost two weeks left, but I didn’t. Well, it’ll be interesting to hear reports about 1.5!

I was down with it until I read “canola oil”. I can’t consume it, as it gives me a mild allergic reaction. :frowning:

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@asympt, I’m in the same boat. I’ve got 5.5 weeks of 1.4 stacked up. I guess that is fair though. The last couple times I’ve got my shipment right after a version change.

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I’m just really hoping I can go back to making a pitcher at a time. It’s okay to go serving by serving, but I’m more likely to snack on something else if I can’t just go pour half a glass of Soylent when I’m a little bit hungry.

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