1.5 Has Arrived


OMG! Thank goodness! My subscription is paused, and timed to reactivate on June 15 for 7 bags a month, figuring that they’d revise the formula by mid-year…My wild guess was right on target.

Will try to use up as much 1.4 as I can, have about 10 bags left, but if 1.5 will improve (or I think more accurately, “restore”) the Soylent intake experience back to normal, I’ll just toss them in the car as an emergency food supply.


Thanks for that!!!


Revised 3/2015… oops.


You need to change the FAQ page on delivery, which still states 4 weeks.

@Conor @Soylent


So glad they focused on taste this round – 1.4’s taste was… well you probably know from my rantings elsewhere :smiley:


And the main soylent.com front page which lists ingredients and amounts from 1.4 (like 1640mg sodium)…

So many thing to update every time a new version comes out :slight_smile:


Seriously… slightly less protein, fiber, salt and fat… slightly more carbs. Not really the direction I would have preferred.


My fiancée has been waiting until she likes the taste enough to join the soylent journey.

Hope this batch does the trick!


I can’t wait. Although I hope it’s not more milk-like than before. I’m on the fence about a completely non-grit smooth less thick mixture.

I’m one of those who wait several hours (usually overnight) to wait for it to thicken up before consuming.


Thank you for catching that. Updating now.


Seriously! Was anybody asking for this?

Maybe I’m misreading it, but it feels like they were only focused on taste/texture, to the detriment of what I’m pretty sure is the community’s preferred macronutrient ratio. They kind of come off schizophrenic with this stuff; they really need to step back and design rather than just keep iterating.


Would love to see a high protein formula of soylent. I have to supplement soylent with 4 scoops of protein powder to reach my protein needs at the cost of 440 extra calories per day.


I think they realize if they add too much protein, some of it will go undigested in many folks, and that leads to rotten egg gas.


What kind of protein powder?


According to this research conducted… about a week ago, a low protein / high carb diet has the same beneficial effects on metabolic health as caloric restriction in mice.

  1. This is not any kind of criticism of low carb and/or high protein advocates, as it pertains more to methionine:glycine ratios.

  2. I have next to no understanding of nutrition (beyond so called basic truths) and only post research because I’m interested what the forums will make of it. How nice of me to take advantage of others instead of studying this stuff myself, ay?


Updated my previous posting from earlier today…I tried to finish off my pitcher of 1.4, my most recent attempt to make 1.4 drinkable, with chocolate-flavored whey powder with each cup and, when possible, further modified with a shot of espresso and diluted with additional water. I bought the whey about a week ago ($18) just to try to make my remaining 10 bags usable while I awaited 1.5.But now that 1.5 has been released…my heart just isn’t into forcing myself to consume a hacked, still very unpleasant 1.4. So I tossed it out, the 4th batch of 1.4 I’ve had to toss out. Epic fail. My remaining 10 bags-of-1.4’s new role: emergency food supply - 10 bags of balanced nutrition at 2,000 calories a bag, 20,000 total emergency calories.Just have to figure out what to do with 1.75 lbs of chocolate whey powder.


Yes, they are focusing on taste & texture in this iteration.

That is where most of the complaints have come from. That is the best place to focus on right now for Soylent.


Can’t wait to try 1.5!

I am glad they are focusing on taste/texture in this version.

I hope they never raise the protein level very much. That is only healthy for serious bodybuilders, which is a small percentage of the population. For everyone else, that can cause serious heath problems. (Obviously, multiple versions would be fine.)


Oddly in my latest attempts to lean slightly more keto, I’ve been adding Canola (fat), Whey (protein) and salt to standard 1.4. I guess if I want to keep this up I’ll need to add even more now.


Yes you will. (I assume this was a question.)