1.5: huge "drinkability" improvements (◔◞౪◟◔) much better texture/taste


finally got to my first batch of 1.5, had prolly a weeks left of 1.4 (and it’s prolly going to stay that way for a while). I decided to subscribe this time because I was confident this next version was going to offer the necessary changes to increase the popularity of this healthy living life style.

I’ve owned 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4~ to me, they all were pretty much the same. I often found myself not eating enough during the day simply because i disliked the idea of having to get it passed my tongue (so much so I submitted this thread requesting a Food Tube WTB “Food Tube w/ Pump” to completely bypass taste). now; i don’t think that’s as needed. my conclusion has me to believe that there will eventually be two versions of Soylent [maybe with a diffy name?] the updated version which is meant to be able to be sold in drugstores to start. essentially the taste will be bearable and by then there will be slight added flavor to it. the other type will be pretty much the ideal Soylent 1.0 meaning it’s primary purpose is to disregard what ever it may taste like and go for straight optimal body and mind health… basically having to plug your nose and chug it like I had been feeling like i’ve had to do up until 1.5.

to my understanding after reading the patch notes they reduced a number of ingredients to aim at a better taste but my concern is that it’s losing something that we haven’t had the time to identify. oat flour was reduced by nearly 30%. half of rice starch was switched out for ~30% more potato starch of which there was already a lot. with these changes they were able to reduce the Sucralose into half whose primary purpose was to be a sweetener… shows that those two changes as well as a few others has drastically changed the texture of the mixture. good, overall… but evident that the altercations were aimed at the taste and not the health benefits (which again leads me to believe that there will be 2* versions.

however, this improvement in taste will still not be able to mask the color and the disgusting effects of adding nootropics and other drugs/meds such as Adrafinil or Noopept so in a way it was almost good that it tasted bad. yet, I find 1.5 to be excitedly pleasing. as you’ve likely read by now it has more of a texture like milk… and like milk, it really is rather okay to drink and people generally don’t hate the taste so much that they can’t tolerate holding it in their mouth or sipping it. also, there is significantly less residue left when being swallowed aka little to no after-taste.

I’d advice anyone who has skipped the last couple versions of Soylent to now subscribe yes, SUBSCRIBE (╯°□°)╯彡 ┻━┻ to 1.5, assuming the taste was all that was holding you back. I can actually picture myself now taking Soylent to work at an amusement park and being able to truly enjoy it throughout the day. also I won’t find myself repulsed at having to primarily eat/drink it and am prolly less likely to throw_up. i’m guessing if I were to share it w/ someone that the first time drinkers will say it’s pretty good (i like to add a spice of cinnamon). if you’re a good enough salesman (where’s my referral benefits Rob?!?) it’s an easy sell imho. price alone. note: no one has asked what I was drinking in my clear bottle even when i’m fairly skinny and obviously dont work out… like why would i be drinking a protein shake at work where there is no chance to get exercise ¯_(ツ)_/¯

if you don’t care about me stop reading~! i kinda also wanted to share that i’ll be pushing my doctor using my therapists to get a hold of Anabolic Steroids for a multitude of reasons: I have a major issue with my appetite and have huge (h/o taking a sip of 1.5) trouble with being a picky eater. 6’2" and ~160lbs [not close to as it was before 30d hospital stay but still boney arms and chicken legs]. the appetite issue plays a part in me not having the energy to work out (AT HOME) mostly because I wasn’t drinking the required amount of Soylent per day if that’s all I was eating. being 23 I see the significance of having a healthy body to set myself up in my later years to be able to still sit in a chair all day but be able to get up and move around like a healthy elder can. i also work in a very public work environment where people see me dancing and i’d like them to not have to not look just because i’m super thin. finally, i am somewhat interested in receiving boob implants all from my stream so that the extra tissue that grows in that area won’t have to be stretched or taken from another place. i can deal with having less sperm if i’m only going to have to be on it for a year tops. #creaturemode #addy #strattera #caffeine #nootropics #bud #tDCS #༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ #SOYLENT

thx for reading~


Good to hear so many good reports on taste/texture so far for 1.5, even from people that disliked previous versions.
Glad to hear that it will be drinkable for such a large portion of people now.

Good job, RL!


Does that mean you will no longer be pursuing your invention, Deffy?

That is a shame; I was really looking forward to you trying out a prototype of it for us.


Does that mean you will no longer be pursuing your invention, Deffy?

That is a shame; I was really looking forward to you trying out a prototype of it for us.

ha. i would if someone had actually messaged me about the idea (was hoping for a response from Rob but maybe he knew 1.5 was coming). really the limitation I have is money which is partly reason why i pretty much only eat Soylent nowadays. if I had the cash or the connection w/ a guy who could teach me how to DIY i’d likely have reported on the Food Tube™ already heh. i’d be first in line for the less tasty version if such device was available :^P


I think they were aiming for health benefits too (by reducing sucralose) and brown rice starch (arsenic concerns) and lowering oat flour (manganese concerns i suppose).


Those are wholly unsubstantiated claims. From the Soylent 1.5 release notes:

Oat flour 45g (-25g) Reduced to accommodate changes in texture due to new gum blend.
Rice starch 15g (-16g) Supply shortage forced us to reduce amount used.
Sucralose 15mg (-15mg) Reduced need for sweeteners, due to increase in isomaltulose and addition of trehalose.


Thats why i said ‘I think’. I was not making a claim, i was not sure.


Let me clean that up ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ). Thanks for the review and your zealous use of dongers.


Thank you for using “dongers” in a sentence.


I’ve never tasted Soylent before tonight, as I just received my order of 1.5, and the taste is great. I was very pleasantly surprised and can definitely see myself mainly eating this as a part of my diet. I’m going to try it a few more times before I go all-in on a two week or one month supply. But based on my first serving of Soylent 1.5, I’m quite happy with the taste!!


I can’t wait to try 1.5. It sounds like most people are loving it.


I couldn’t disagree more. I loved version 1.3 and looked forward to it every day. I’m just trying 1.5 and I canceled my subscription. It has a terrible chemical taste and I’m going to have to switch back to normal food again, which I really didn’t want to do. I want version 1.3 back. I don’t care if it has an oil bottle, it tasted good and I felt great eating it.

Soylent: I don’t know what you did in version 1.5 to make it so unpalatable, but please, reduce the “chemical” taste / aftertaste and then I’ll go back and try it again. Meanwhile, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my one month supply of version 1.5 I now have sitting around.


Hang on to your 1.5; if they ever move on to a version I don’t like, I’ll buy it. It is my favorite version so far.


Or if you don’t sell it to @geneven, try the Soylent Swap Thread. I’m fairly certain there are still people looking to get rid of 1.3 (unless @vanclute cornered the v1.3 market).


Fantastic idea. I’ve posted a message over there.