1.5 newb review

Nutrition 9.5 / 10
Pro: Took me only about an hour after drinking my first glass to feel an uptake in energy, both physically, but even more so mentally. I’m pretty sensitive to my body, and it feels like it helps the occipital part of my brain the most, but since i’m blind in one eye i probably stress it more then most, forcing it to work with less input. I feel much more awake overall. Also seems better on the teeth.

Con: Loses half a point for the one-size-fits-all approach. I find myself craving salt in particular. Other then that, i eat other foods for the taste, not nutrients.

Convenience 8/10
Pros: Delivered to my door, just add water and mix, with little dishes to wash, and even not needing electricity. Year long expiration date so you don’t need to worry about spoilage. A full day’s worth in 1 packet reduces the need for shelf space. Saves some time on the back end too, simply having less poop. Which also comes out with minimal effort.

Cost is pretty neutral. Neither expensive or cheap. Less the fast food, more then rice and beans.

Cons: Powder is light and floats, and shaking (which you need to do a LOT of) innately gets things everywhere. Using a blender helps contain it and smooths it out more, but it’s more to clean up and isn’t portable. Still probably worth while for most cases. Once mixed, it does go bad in a few days.

Pleasure 4/10
Pros: Taste is slightly on the good side, but only slightly. I could count the health benefits as pleasurable, it’s defiantly better to feel more awake, but i rated that above. Some people complain about the social aspect, but i havn’t let soylent stop me from eating with my wife. If anything spending less time cooking means more time to spend with people.

Cons: Texture is a bit gritty particularly if i don’t use a blender. The lack of chewing makes my jaw ache. Nothing exciting about the visual appearance. I’m going to count the less poop as a minor negative here. I didn’t expect to miss it, but i kinda do. You also tend to smell like it after a while, though nothing a shower doesn’t cure.

But my biggest complaint by far is that it doesn’t fill my stomach. This is a different feel from hunger or energy, both of which are good, but my stomach is bored. Reminds me of being on a IV.

The future The health benefits alone are enough to make me a subscriber, though i don’t think i’ll go above 50%. I’ve mitigated most of the negatives by adding cellulose. Specifically i have fresh celery, cucumbers, lettuces and/or carrots as a side dish when i drink soylent; which are crunchy for my mouth, gives my stomach something to mull over, and adds a bit of flavor to the meal.

The only thing i tried mixing with soylent is hotsauce, but i added way too much. Soylent readily got out of the way and let it take over, and the beige resists any effort to change color. So i’m going to try something more subtle next; herbs like rosemary, parsley, basil, cilantro, ect… I’ll also play with different forms, with less and more water to see if i can affect the texture.

Suggestions Add bulk, like cellulose, assuming it doesn’t cause side issues like making it spoil. I would suggest a solid version, but supposedly that’s already in the works. I am looking forward to chewing. Flavor could improve, but it’s highly subjective, so I would keep the baseline bland, but would also sell add-in flavors.

More efficient names would also be good, particularly as you expand to new products. Like soylent mix, soylent drink, and soylent solid. Then keep revisions for each.

Bottom line, you got yourself a subscriber.


I also had the salt craving when I started with Soylent, but it went away after a while. I suspect that I was used to more salt intake than what I was getting with Soylent and as I adjusted to Soylent, I stopped craving it.


My previous diet wasn’t high in salt, so i don’t think that was it.

IMO, it was because of a heat wave we’ve had. We don’t have air conditioning because it’s rarely hot here (there’s a few plus sides to global warming), and I was simply sweating much more then usual. The extra energy (heat) from soylent didn’t help in that regard. Once the temperature dropped back to 25 or so, did my cravings.

But the point is, to be aware of your body and adapt. Soylent is great, probably better then what the majority of people are eating now, but it’s not perfect. Though i look forward to having a soylent personalize mixing machine sometime in 2050.

If your previous diet contained a significant portion of fast food/restaurant/take out/etc. , canned food, or TV dinners I can guarantee you it was higher in salt than you thought. Especially compared to Soylent.

Could of been that too.

[quote=“horsfield, post:4, topic:23062, full:true”]If your previous diet contained a significant portion of fast food/restaurant/take out/etc. , canned food, or TV dinners I can guarantee you it was higher in salt than you thought. Especially compared to Soylent.[/quote]I didn’t.

It was a fruit+milk+blender for breakfast, PB&J / lunch meat / yogurt for lunch, and home cooked dinner, often fresh chicken and vegetables. The lunch meat had extra salt, but that was it.