1.6 Back in Stock


Too bad the new packaging wasn’t part of this production run. :frowning:


We made the box slightly smaller from1.5 - 1.6. New packaging takes us time to test and implement. But we regularly do minor incremental updates.


Just decided to check the site on a whim after watching a documentary and noticed the backorder alert was gone. Need More Now button here I come!


I meant canisters. But I get that inventory was the priority.


What happens to cancelled orders? Will they be automatically sent out or do we need to hit the “Need more now” button to initiate an order immediately?

seems like there won’t be a “make up” order automatically: Will Previous Subscriptions That Are Backordered Auto ship?


For canceled orders on subs they will automatically hit again on your next billing cycle. You can trigger this by emailing us info@soylent.com


I placed an order last week and it was billed today. Now I will have enough to open a grocery store once my Amazon order comes in.


Thanks for clarifying! I used the “Need more now” button as I don’t care if my scheduled deliveries shifts.


Need More Now!
Need More Now!

I never thought I’d get sick of 2.0…


You can get sick of 2.0?


I know! Who’da thunk…

I’d probably get tired of 100% 1.6 too… But after 3 or 4 consecutive bottles the thought of another really didn’t sit well.

Normally I go through 2000kcal of 1.6 and a few bottles of 2.0 in a “100%” day… Sometimes a whole bottle at a time and sometimes half a bottle… The more I think about food bar, the more I think it might be a good way to break up the monotony of a 80+% 2.0 diet. But then 80% 1.6 + 20% 2.0 is a lot less expensive than 80% 2.0 + 20% food bar.

Normally I only eat muggle food every 3rd day or so, but with the 1.6 shortage I’ve been eating out almost once a day. Look forward to getting back into my routine.


soylent may be bland but damnit i demand a variety of bland options

edit: since i am so rarely serious, id just like to clarify that this comment was in fact serious. i love being able to choose what KIND of bland im gonna eat today


Anyone that considers Soylent bland/neutral must also be eating extremely flavorful things.


@conor does your QA include nutritional content testing on 1.6 pouches? With the taste varying so dramatically between bags (even from the same box), the concern is that the ingredients aren’t getting mixed properly, so the nutrition is off.


We hold products from every run and have them tested before we release them to our warehouse. Powder taste variables have often been because we are a plant based product. It’s why we went from 3 factories producing to 1.


@conor I’m wondering what the tests are. You check for nutritional content?


@conor does your “testing” of each batch include checking nutritional content?


Sorry for delayed response. It does. We run it along with our shelf life testing.


Thanks, and good to know. Puts my mind at ease that each batch, while tasting different, has nutrition matching the label.



My 1.6 came today, got so excited I accidentally cut the top bag wide open, so I made my first pitcher in over a year.

Did something wrong, and Im pretty sure Im drinking about 1200 calories rigjt now.

And almost done, I realize I was craving 1.5 uggh