1.6 has Arrived


"We are proud to announce Soylent 1.6 Powder, our latest iteration in convenient, complete powdered food. We have redesigned the formula to create a superior mouthfeel and taste, while still providing a nutritionally-complete staple meal. Containing 45 percent lipids, 20 percent protein, and 35 percent low-glycemic carbohydrates, this version has a macronutrient ratio closer to Soylent 2.0, while maintaining the flexibility and customization the community has come to enjoy from Soylent Powder.

In addition to sensory and macronutrient improvements, Soylent 1.6 is the first powder iteration to use whole algal flour and high oleic algal oil - innovative ingredients that are yet another step toward sustainable food production. We have also introduced soy protein isolate as the primary protein source, replacing the rice protein. Its benefits include a superior ratio of amino acids for nutrition and smooth digestion. Soy protein is isolated from other components of the whole soy plant and offers an exceptional level of purity from inorganic compounds compared to the rice protein. Shipping for Soylent 1.6 will begin next week. For specific inquries related to this iteration, please reach out to our Customer Care team at info@soylent.com.

We would like to thank everyone who has played a part in making Soylent 1.6 our finest powder iteration yet. We will continue to refine Soylent Powder and have further improvements planned for the product and packaging."


Can’t wait to try it!

Congratulations to Rosa Labs


How close is this to Soylent 2.0 in terms of nutrients?


1.5 was 45 / 15 / 40
1.6 is 45 / 20 /35
2.0 is 47 / 20 / 33


Thanks, did they do anything to reduce Gas/Bloating?




Thank you. :slight_smile:


More fiber and protein! Fat sourced from algae products and switch away from rice protein as well. Great news!!


We made them closer, ultimately they have fundamentally different manufacturing methods so the chances of them lining up 100% is not likely.



Since most of us didn’t experience gas/bloating, probably personal experience will be the best test.


So… what changed?

algae and soy instead of rice.
extra protein less carbs
extra fiber.

what about salt?


Sodium is identical.


All those 25% look awesome. Still low on sodium chloride. Where the heck are we going to get… Oh wait.

Morton Table Salt, 25 Pound https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SNJ98G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-ScBxbHM3SD6Y


That’s fine for you GMO lovers, but I prefer to go au naturale.


Is that 25 pound bag suggested serving with each 1.6 soylent bag?


In two days I’ll be billed for my subscription for 1.5, but I’d rather get 1.6.

Is there a way to switch?

Should I pause it now, and restart it in a week when you’re shipping 1.6?


@Conor algal flour, does that mean no more oat flour? I’m asking because of the gluten contamination with oat flour.


Yes. Or clear out the stock of 1.5 for the rest of us. :wink: