1.6 powder recalled, recommendations for similar product, price and nutrient load-out?

Soylent was really growing on me. I started with version 1.6 and for a few weeks I had some bathroom issues (Soylerrhea™). I figured it was just my body adjusting, and for the past few days this situation seems to be improving.

But now Soylent back in the lab until as late as January, 2017. What’s the next-best thing at less than $2 per 500 calories (including shipping) with a similar nutrient load-out?

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joylent is cheaper, also theres schmilk and hol foods

Joylent is a good bit cheaper, but high in sugar.
Schmilk is a little cheaper, but requires you to shop for and store milk.
Hol foods is a little more expensive, but supposedly the best tasting.

There’s also DIY, which is the cheapest, though generally the worst texture wise and takes a little time shopping and mixing.

Joylent has 30 grams of sugar per day, whilst Soylent 1.6 has 75,57g (according to the spreadsheet breakdown).

And the quality of DIY varies drastically from recipe to recipe - some have great texture.

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[quote=“GenesisFoodSolutions, post:4, topic:26489”]
Joylent has 30 grams of sugar per day, whilst Soylent 1.6 has 75,57g (according to the spreadsheet breakdown).
[/quote]Different types of sugar.

They really need a better rating for sugars.

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Oh I completely agree, the fact maltodextrin isn’t classed as a sugar whilst palatinose is is ridiculous. However, both Joylent and Soylent contain a lot of maltodextrin as well (I believe Joylent has more but it’s somewhat difficult to work out without an in-depth analysis).

Nutren 2.0
24 units @ $38 from mvs discount sales. 500 kcal each. No fiber though.
The main added sugar is glucose.
Vanilla was discontinued, but the unflavored tastes better anyway,

The back order is so long that people will find an alternative they like and just stick with it. To stop some of that, the 2.0 discount for Powder subscribers needs to come immediately. And that 2.0 better not be the plastic or metallic tasting batches.

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I already dropped $200 on Joylent powder and twenny bars. I figured since I have one box of 1.6 left I better order now, don’t know how long its going to take to ship from Amsterdam to the states.

(So any discount would be moot for me because I won’t need to drop more $$ on food.)

There definitely seems to be a run on Joylent. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise since it’s pushing most of us to what may end up being better alternatives. It was easy to be lazy and stick with the “big guy”.

Also, as much as RL wants to branch out into hipster/artist/musician/porn star convenience foods, this should make RL realize that as goes their Powder so goes their company.

A run on, or run to?

Check out Biolent in Canada.

Just not the runs…

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Out of the loop: what is the 1.6 recall about?

I am not sure you can consider it a recall per-se?

We would like to give our valued customers an update on our investigation into what caused issues for a small number of people after eating Soylent Bar.

For the past several weeks, we have worked aggressively to uncover why people were having these negative experiences. This has included product testing, an exhaustive industry search, and discussions with many of our suppliers. Our tests all came back negative for food pathogens, toxins or outside contamination.

The absence of a positive test has allowed us to shift our focus to whether any one ingredient might be triggering a food intolerance. This would be a reasonable explanation as to why many customers haven’t experienced any discomfort (even when they eat from the same batch of bars as customers who did get sick).

During our review, we noticed that a handful of consumers (less than 0.1%) who consumed Powder 1.6 over the past several months reported stomach-related symptoms that are consistent with what our Bar customers described. Interestingly, we didn’t see similar complaints during the 1.5 formulation. This possible connection allows us to narrow the field considerably given there are only a few ingredients that are specific to only our bars and Powder 1.6.

We have found no complaints for Soylent Drink or Coffiest that are at all similar.

We are going to continue to look into this further and share our findings with the FDA so that they can do their own evaluation.

Fitting with our desire to err on the side of caution, we are reformulating Bar and Powder 1.6 to remove the likely ingredients. Turnaround should be fairly quick. We expect both will available in early Q1 2017, if not before. We will resume shipping when the reformulation is complete.

If you have used Powder 1.6 without incident, we see no reason to stop enjoying it. But if you have had any sensitivities, we suggest discarding whatever is left and letting us know at info@soylent.com.

We value our customers’ safety and satisfaction with our products above all else and we apologize again to any customer who had a bad experience.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or have any additional insight, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soylent.com.

We thank you for your patience and support during this process.

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TL;DNR version: A tiny proportion of users are sickened by 1.6, so RL has discontinued it.


The 1.4 formula was my favorite so far. 1.6 had a borderline repulsive bitter taste to me that I could mostly cover with a lot of chocolate but it didn’t make me sick.

And judging by the posts here and on Reddit, most people have jumped ship (primarily to Joylent) and will not be returning.

I think it is some measure of success that Soylent is now “The Big Guy” in the market.


Well, they were the first in this wave. So sort of the default. And in a space like this, it’s all about what have you done lately?