1.6 serving / scoop / pitcher size changes?

Since 1.6 has more fiber, does that change it’s serving size?
i.e. 115g ->140g for 400 kcal?

Do we need a larger scoop?
How about the pitcher?

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1.6 nutrition pdf
1.5 nutrition pdf

I don’t think the pitcher should be any different, but maybe the scoop. I always made a whole pitcher so I never used the scoop. But the serving size did change from 115g to 106g. Serving size went down a bit so just might need to adjust how much water is added to the pitcher but since the serving size is smaller the pitcher should be fine.


So we have our answer in this thread: 1.6 has Arrived

Does anyone have a reasonably precise scale they might use to measure out 106g of the new powder, pour it into the scoop, and post up a pic so we can get a visual idea of about how full the scoop should be to get 106g? I would certainly be grateful if someone can do this.

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Since it has been been asked … how about old and new scoop.

For about $9.00 with Prime Shipping this scale is perfect for the job.

This weighs up to 600g with 0.1g increments.
The scoop weighs about 72g itself letting you fill it with up to 528g of stuff (more then enough)

Just place the scoop on the scale and press the Tare button to reset to 0.00
Scoop up about 3/4 full of powder then add more up to 106g with a tablespoon.
(if you feel lucky you could just keep trying to scoop exactly 106g)
After a couple times you will have a pretty good idea the level you need without even needing to weigh it.

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I only have the OG scoop, but I’ll probably do this just for fun. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used my scoop for anything. I’ll probably also compare to a 1/2 or 1 cup measure since I did that with 1.4.

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We are updating the legacy info now, but after mixing and remixing the powder several times with the dev team the new scoop works with the same proportions.


Honestly, the scoop is just an approximation. I was on a business trip last week and took 1.5 with me. The last scoop of Soylent in each bag was never a full scoop even though I did my best to level out each 250 calorie scoop.

This is a good reason to own the scale above. Once you know the combined weight of your scoop + Soylent then you do not even need to set the Tare on the scale. Just get a scoop from the bag and weigh the whole thing, if its too heavy just dump a little bit back in the bag. This way you always have the right amount for the last scoop. If you keep the scale with your scoop the whole process only takes like 5-10 extra seconds to get the perfect amount each and every time.


I have two scoops. I used them to dish out cat food; I just keep them in the cat food bag.

(I don’t have a cat. But pygmy hedgehogs eat premium dry cat food.)