1.6 sour taste to it

i received my 2.0 and 1.6 today and first time buyer/user. i received my 2.0 with 2 bottles busted and a smelly/sticky residue all over the bottles so i sent an email about it. but i mixed up the 1.6 and it has a sour taste to it… not like sour as gone bad but the salty kinda sour. so i opened one of the 2.0 and it taste completely different and a lot better. is this how 1.6 is suppose to taste? if so i cannot drink this.

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1.6 should taste different than 2.0. They are different. They should be much closer than 1.5 was though.

As to the sour taste, everybody is different. Some people complain about the horrible after taste. I just let one of my friends try 1.6 and she said something like “wow, there is no aftertaste.”

My guess is that what you are tasting is the real taste of 1.6. Almost ever new version, the taste is “bad” to me on the first day. The second day it is better and the third day on I look forward to it. Try it for a couple days before you give up on it. If you want, use flavorings and then cut them down after a while.

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Taste is pretty subjective. I don’t like chocolate or coffee for instance. I know plenty of other people do.
It also changes. There’s been plenty of food that i didn’t like at first and did later.

But it’s very that the 1.6 you have is what the rest taste like. You can always sell the left-overs at https://www.reddit.com/r/SoylentMarket. Or someone here might buy it.

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Did you let it chill? I’m not a huge fan of 1.6’s taste, but letting it chill in the refrigerator overnight seems to tone it down a lot.

opened a new bag. totally different taste. doesn’t have the sour/ salty taste to it. so i guess the first bag must be bad because when id take a drink it was so bad i couldn’t swallow it. but this 2nd bag taste similar to 2.0 but not smooth.