1.7 - Do I need a new scoop?

This is probably a dumb question. I just read that the serving size for 1.7 is 400 vs. 500 calories. Does that just mean that you split the standard half-gallon pitcher of Soylent across 5 servings rather than 4, or is it something more than that? I currently prepare my 1.5 as individual servings, using 2 scoops from the Rosa-supplied scoop. I assume this will still work, but will produce the 500 calories servings that scoop was designed for – yes?

The scoop is unreliable no matter what size you are using. Get a $12 food scale and measure out 400 or 500 or 667 calories.

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Why? I see no reason at all for that level of exactness.


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RF is considering switching to a new scoop. Isn’t compaction a problem for you, though?

I think you answered your own question, then. If you don’t care about exactness, you can eyeball it and get close.

I bought myself a 3/4 cup scoop on Amazon, which is very close to the 400 calorie serving. The one they sent you is indeed for previous versions for 500 calories.

He probably does’t mind being off by 10-20 calories, whereas eyeballing it could be way less accurate.