1.7 Subscription Shipping Issue

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m having problems getting my first subscription shipment of 1.7. My subscription date is the 8th of every month. I was charged on Sunday, Jan. 8th. As expected. Got notice of my Fedex shipment tracking number on the morning of Mon., Jan. 9th with a scheduled delivery date of Tues., Jan. 10th. Tuesday comes and goes and no delivery so I check the tracking info with Fedex. It shows that the shipment label has been printed but no package has entered the system. So Wed., Jan 11th, I wrote to Soylent customer service to ask what was going on. Keep in mind, with the other half a dozen or so subscription orders I have had, I get the tracking notice and receive the product the next day. (I live close to the distro center that it comes out of.) So this is odd. Since I contacted customer service, 30 hours have come and gone and crickets from Soylent. Now it’s been over 4 days since I received the tracking number and my order is still sitting in limbo in “label printed” status.

I’m hoping that someone from Soylent can get back to me about this. I ran out of the last of my 1.6 powder last week and am down to my last case of 2.0. Since I use Soylent for most of my caloric intake, this is an issue.


This looks like a job for @Conor.

Also it may not a great idea to post your order number in public. Who knows what an unscrupulous forum goer could do with the information.

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We have a 48 hour turn around time on our Customer service tickets. Occasionally we see glitches on our warehouses end in which labels are generated but never applied. If you get no response in the next 12 hours please PM me and i’ll look into your situation.


Thanks for the reply. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow morning, I will PM you. Something is definitely wrong with the shipping. Problem is that I will be out of Soylent starting tomorrow and even if it ships tomorrow, I won’t receive it until Monday at the earliest. I’m going to have to make some eating adjustments for a few days :frowning: