1.9 original tastes like confused cake batter


I’ve been off and on going full-Soylent since my Kickstarter boxes came in, and while I’ve occasionally been bothered by a slight increase/decrease in sweetness, it’s never been this pronounced.

I’ve been trying to get used to this for a little over a week now, but it really tastes like there’s just too much sucralose in this blend. The taste lingers now, or at least the sweet part of it welds itself to my tongue for the next half-hour. I can’t say I’m a fan.


I didn’t even notice that original went to 1.9, when did this happen and was there patch notes?


It still doesn’t seem to be on the changelog yet, but mine shipped out on 9/24.


The original (of which I still have so.many.bags. due to throwing too much money at the Kickstarter) tasted like weird cake batter too. I couldn’t digest it, hence all the bags. I’m assuming they’re still safe, especially considering the fats were separate back then. Will be interested in mixing up a batch just to taste compare sometime. Also anyone in the Boston area who wants some OG Soylent (quality not guaranteed)… send me a message.


How about the grit, have they gotten rid of it. The grit was the main reason I switched to Huel a year ago, I came back to Soylent because the Cacao powder is not at all gritty. I would love to go back to original, or a combination of original/cacao if the grit is indeed gone. I would rather not spend 60 bucks to find out though.


The grit is completely gone. It’s been replaced with a slightly frothy texture.


That’s one nice thing I can say about 1.9. With 1.8 and IIRC 1.7, it felt like I had stray bits of eggshell hanging out. With 1.9, there’s none of that. I just can’t get past the sickly sweetness of it all.


Thanks for the feedback, I think I’ll give the original another shot next month


If you don’t like one flavor or formula, maybe try another formula to find what works for you.

I like the Cacao Formula v1.9 and the Powdered food Neutral flavor Formula v1.8, both sold in boxes of 7 of 2000 kcal pouches. I like that I can choose how much to mix and what amount of water I want. I only use it as an occasional meal replacement when I can’t or don’t want to cook or wait for something to cook. When I open a pouch, I empty the pouch into an air-tight food container - one for Soylent Cacao and another for Soylent neutral. I use the Soylent scoops left over from the Soylent that’s sold in large bottles. I usually measure and mix a 200 kcal portion fresh in a batter mixing bowl with a wire whip. It’s easy to rinse and dry the items after each meal.

The difficulty with the bottle is I almost always end up drinking a 400 kcal whole bottle. The 12 bottles doesn’t last long and I drink too many extra calories. And the Coffiest drink seemed to taste too sweet, almost like the Starbucks or Ensure or Slimfast commercial nutritional drinks that have way too much fructose corn syrup and too little fat.

I find the Soylent powder less addictive, and adding extra water seems to help control unwanted hunger. Soylent powder is one of the foods that seem to work for me, and I hope it doesn’t change.


Well I don’t hate it, I really couldn’t drink 1.8 original. 1.7 will forever be my favorite, or maybe I glorified it in my mind when it was replaced. I will continue to order 1.9 original and cacao until something new shows up…not caffeinated. Does Soylent not release patch notes on formula changes any longer?


Update: While I still get a pretty long aftertaste from 1.9, it looks like I eventually got used to the initial sweetness. I still don’t enjoy the flavor as much as 1.6-1.8, but I’m not stopping to take a breather mid-way through a glass anymore.


After drinking the original 1.9 for a couple days I have realized that my expectations were misguided. I have been so used to drinking the cacao powder and was used to the super sweet taste that I had forgotten the simplicity of the taste and texture of the original. I am glad I ordered it and will gladly drink it. Thank you Soylent for making original great again.


Does anyone know where the v1.9 release notes are?


I also find it repulsively sweet, but at least it better than Holfood Vanilla. 1.8 was better.



The cacao 1.9 nutrition facts. They do not have the nutrition facts for 1.9 original yet available (when I asked the support this week).