1.9 Original Vegan/Plant Based?


I no longer see Vegan/Plant Based on Original 1.9 packaging. Is this product still entirely plant based?


Evan’s question is worrisome. I’d like to see the ingredient list for Soylent powder original on the Soylent website. The picture of the nutrition facts label is so small it’s illegible. Guess I’ll have to wait for my next shipment and hope the packaging answers my nutrition questions.


I don’t think it is technically vegan any longer. I forget what changed, because it isn’t of great concern to me.


Might be just an oversite. Only changes i’m seeing is flavor, cellulose, and increased potasium. The flavor change might not be strictly vegan. But unless they added some sort of meat source for the increased potassium thats the only change i’m seeing that could be.


Vegan/not-vegan can turn on some very small things. Like most vitamin D is extracted from lanolin, which is from sheep wool, so any product using standard vitamin D is not vegan.


I emailed the info@soylent.com team and after they responded with the following: We are committed to making vegan products. Our newest version of Soylent powder is completely vegan.

While that was a relief to hear, I’m sad to see the “Plant-based” claim dissapear. While I don’t know for certain that all plant based ingredients are more sustainable than their animal-derived counterparts, I would guess that the exceptions (if any) are few and far between. I try and eat plant-based for sustainability reasons, so to me that was a value-added callout on their packaging.


Doesn’t “completely vegan” entail that there are no animal-derived ingredients?


It does and I trust the support team on their response. I’m just a bit disappointed to see that Soylent has removed “Plant based” or from their packaging, as it means that the company does not (or the consumers with whom the company consulted do not) see a lot of value in that claim. This would suggest that “Plant based” doesn’t have as strong of an appeal as I thought/hoped.


I’ve seen more than one restaurant remove the word “vegan” from anything in their menu or even their name even though everything is still vegan.

I’m convinced it’s a marketing thing. The ominous words “vegan” and “plant-based” have the boogeyman attached to it.


Hey all, hope I can clear some things up!

We have removed “plant-based” from our packaging and marketing materials because not all of the ingredients are in fact derived from plants. Many are synthetic or minerals derived from other materials/processes. Soylent is and will remain free from animal products and dairy, but we have removed the 100% plant-based claim for the above reasons.



Groovy, thanks for clearing that up. Actually, I totally wasn’t thinking of synthetic ingredients and that makes sense. In fact, I’m glad that Soylent is experimenting with synthetic ingredients as that certainly falls in line with the profile of the company as being mindful of efficiency and forward thinking food science. I say the further Soylent can get from traditional agriculture, the better! Hopefully cellular agriculture (along with algae) is on the horizon for Soylent.


Speaking of which, I haven’t seen much sign of forward-thinking food development since Rob was here. All I’ve noticed was new flavors. I hope to see more truly new thinking about nutrition.