1 Day of Official Soylent measured in cups, milliliters, ounces, and mugs**


Hey guys,

I was desperate for this information and spent the day searching for it, but couldn’t find something that had exactly what I was looking for, so I took some measurements and am sharing it both for peer review and as a resource for anyone else that might need this information. If you don’t need this information, go you! Enjoy your life!

As for why I need it, my OCD goes nuts when I don’t consume exactly one bottle of Soylent in exactly one day. Partly because I can’t stand the math haunting me of how many less calories I got today or how many extra I’ll get tomorrow by consuming today’s leftovers then, and also partly because I want my Soylent to be as thoughtless as I am*. This means, I don’t want to have to think about ratios or scoops and I don’t want to deal with measuring powder. I want to mix my Soylent and pour it into a cup with mL markings (my blender cup), fill it to a designated line, and drink that. Or maybe use a good ol’ reliable mug**.

So, if you’re like me and you follow the instructions on the bag/in the box EXACTLY, here’s some information on how one could drink it, with measurements:

1 day mix = 1 L of H2O + 1 bag of Soylent.
1 day mix = 1.35 L of Soylent-H2O = 1350 mL = 5.6 cups = 45.6 fluid ounces = 3.8 mugs

For 3 servings per day:
1 serving = 450 mL = 1.9 cups = 15.2 fluid ounces = 1.26 mugs

For 5 servings per day:
1 serving = 270 mL = 1.14 cups = 9.12 fluid ounces = 0.76 mugs

Despite the above serving listings, I personally find this to be the easiest:

Drink four mugs per day. You’ll be a little short on the last mug (9.6 oz instead of 12, or .8 mugs). This is what I do often, and it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a fourth meal***. Or you could get a Jumbo Mug (usually hold 16oz) and do the same 3 times a day.

This also works out the same with my blender bottle, but for those I fill it to the 350 ml mark for the first 3 meals and then 300 ml for the last one. It’s actually kinda nice to have a little less in the evening…

Anyway, I don’t have the energy to explain why this information was really helpful to me for figuring out my days and leftovers, but hopefully it’ll help you some too. And if not, in Soylent discourse as in life, take what you like and forget the rest.

*Apparently a gift certificate to Lady Foot Locker rates high on the thoughtless meter – she needed shoes though!
**“Mugs” is definitely a subjective measure, but I used 3 of my standard mugs (all different shapes) and they all held 12 fluid ounces when I filled them to a “pretty full” place (usually about 2 cm from the brim). And I like drinking out of mugs, so deal with it.
***Study sponsored by Taco Bell.


Thanks for the math! Gifts aren’t actually supposed to be “thoughtful,” at least not thoughtful in a utilitarian way. They’re supposed to validate and compliment the recipient, or pamper the recipient (in an indulgent way, some enjoyable item or experience that’s not a necessity). I haven’t gotten the calculus of the whole thing quite worked out yet, but if I do I’ll let you know. :gift:


I think that when mixing Soylent with water (In the Takeya pitcher) that more than 1.0 L of water is used. The Takeya is 2 quarts, or about 1.89271 liters.


1350 ml = 0.00566082969 hogsheads

If consuming the standard amount of Soylent, you will be taking in about 0.08 hogsheads per fortnight. In more practical terms, that’s about 0.46 firkins or 0.28 rundlets (depending which side of the pond you’re on) every fortnight.


Yeah, the instructions aren’t as straightforward as ideal. Even in the instructions, while they say “fill with water,” in the pictures the pitcher is not filled with water.

Either way, I use the table near the top of the instructions:


This would have been very helpful this morning when I left my pitcher at home. Oh well… Thanks for the measurements! Hopefully I never again find an occasion to use this information.


I use 1.6 Liters of water for one days worth of Soylent. If you do it that way 1ml = 1 calorie.

So if you want 350 calories just pour 350ml.


Those instructions are ‘wrong’ one day mixed in the pitcher is ~1.6L