1 month Non Vegan Orders


Did any of ya’ll who’d order 1 month of soylent ( NON Vegan ) recieve either the Starter Kit or soylent ? ?


I ordered 1 month non-vegan on the first day of the crowdtilt campaign. I received my started kit almost 2 weeks ago. I’ve had no email or shipment notification for the actual Soylent order as of yet.


I bought one month of Soylent (non-vegan) on May 22nd, 2013.

No Soylent. No email for Soylent. No starter kit. No email for starter kit.


I bought one month and one week of Soylent shortly after the indigogo campaign ended. I have not received a starter kit or any Soylent. I have not received any emails. Fedex has no packages registered with my address.


I ordered 1 month in April this year and added another week a few days later. No Soylent or starter kit yet, but I’m imagining there’s about a bajillion people before me in the queue…


1 month non-vegan, ordered in November. No shipment communication yet.

I’m expecting to get something about the kit towards the end of May, with the actual product early-to-mid June.


One month non-vegan last May, nothing yet.


6 weeks with oil, ordered like july last year, no starter kit or emails yet


Three months with oil. No shipments or emails yet. Ordered May 21, 2013.
But I think it’s official, Rosa Labs hates southerners. Sort the data by quantity ordered. Notice anything funny?


Ordered 9 weeks in may 2013, no kit, no soylent, no emails.


On the shipment tracker, not sure how people ordered before May 21. This was the first day that it was possible to order it :-\


8 weeks, non-vegan. No kit, not soylent, no email.


I like how we have to specify non-vegan now instead of regular.