1 month of Soylent 1 - Ordered Oct 19, 2013


@rob ,

I pledged back on Oct 19, 2013 and it appears they are shipping for orders placed in May 2014. Is there a chance my order got overlooked or do I misunderstand the status reports.

any help would be great.



best to not tag rob, but to tag @JulioMiles


Shipping is based on size of order, they are currently shipping 4 week orders.


Yeah, I’m very curious as to what is actually going on with shipping. I ordered 1 month (4 weeks) on August 21st 2013 and have not heard a peep about my order personally, only that 4 week orders are supposedly being shipped…


Looking at the DIY tracker page it looks like very few 4 week orders have actually shipped. I’m seeing a lot of May '13 orders and a few June '13 orders have got their shipments, but that’s it.


I ordered late May 2013, 4 weeks total, no emails or anything here. Many of us are in the same boat… sorry.