1 Month shipping update


I’ve noticed that many 4 week orders have been sent out but there hasn’t been an update on the blog. Any ideas why? I’m sure the Soylent team isn’t so engrossed in shipping that they can’t update their blog.


I actually made a post about this last week. It looks like this time they updated their twitter but not their blog.


I sent Julio an email which he answered in about an hour. I ordered a month. He said I was nearing the front of the queue and that my starter kit and soylent when shipped would ship the same day. This was about a week ago.


They are totally so engrossed. Here’s my hypothesis… ahem

After many long months of scholarly toil rob and the gang were released from Hogwarts and sent home for the summer where they cannot perform magic, shipment, or haberdashery. Meanwhile we are all confined to muggle food until Professsor Dumble-Colbert returns the Soylenteer map. “Reorders managed!”


What day did you order, by chance?


Great to hear! In preparation for my order since it may be so close I’ve been eating plenty of beans to up my fiber, hopefully I won’t gas out the neighborhood.


I have no idea what day I ordered its been so long ago.


You can check which day you ordered Soylent by going to your profile management at the top left of the soylent.me homepage, then going into your subscription and payment details.


Not universally true; apparently I ordered without creating a soylent.me account. I have a discourse.soylent.me account (obviously) but when I told it on soylent.me I had forgotten my password (because I didn’t remember creating one) it couldn’t find an account associated with my email address. I ordered my Soylent on… (checking the confirmation email…) May 16. (2014.) Hope I receive it before the summer’s out? :smiley:


Ordered a total of 5 weeks. Have received no shipping notices, to include the starter kit. Sent an email to info@soylent.me just adding to the post here as well. Tagging @JulioMiles to see if that helps :smile:

Order charge dates:
May 21, 2013 $65 BALCROWDHOSTER.COM (Original pledge) 1 week
Apr 17, 2014 $130 Rosa Labs (Addon) 2 weeks
Apr 25, 2014 $130 BAL
CHSOYLENT (Additional pledge) 2 weeks


I ordered a first time , one weeks worth on May 12th and was told it would ship in 4 to 6 weeks. Then I went on line and read orders placed after May 6th would ship in 10 to 12 weeks. I could use a little help understanding the discrepancy on ship times…


I ordered a month’s worth on May 16, 2014, and I received an email advising me that it would take 10-12 weeks to ship. I am going to take a guess that sometime between that Monday the 12th when you ordered, and Friday when I ordered, they realized that they couldn’t meet their stated shipping schedule and changed it, dating back to orders placed after May 6.

It would have been good if they could have sent an email to customers who had already ordered after the 6th, letting them know that it would take longer than previously stated; I imagine that’s just one of many details that’s gotten lost in the shuffle.


lol, good like figuring that out…it’s like a bunch of 12 year olds running amok trying to start a company. Good God it’s just awful.

And they have a viral product, so they know that can be flippant and absurd in their execution, and people will deal. Good luck ever getting your order. Hell, just look at my username.