1 Week In Notes


I’ve really enjoyed it with some major caveats. After 4-5 days I felt great but then over Memorial Day Weekend I drank a lot and had drunk-food. The day after drinking, I didn’t feel up to eating so I only ate maybe half a day’s worth of Soylent. The combination of drinking and only eating half a day’s Soylent caused me to feel extremely tired - it was a very unsafe feeling which I tried to counteract by eating a ton of Soylent. By the end of the day I had to break down and eat a burrito to regain my strength. Eating a steak burrito made me feel much better. It was a very very odd feeling.

The other thing I can’t stress enough is Soylent is producing a lot of really bad gas that has made me embarrassed to be around other people. More problematic is that that drinking and drunk food seem to multiply the gas to another level. I was at a party and had to leave early, it was very bad.

So, one week in - love the product, when I’m behaving myself I feel great but in social situations with alcohol I am hating the product. I have a first date next week and I am going to take a hiatus from Soylent for a few days to make sure I don’t ruin the date with bad gas.

I hope weeks 2/3 work out better and the gas goes away, but if I am going out and going on dates I may not be able to make it that far!


I can’t speak to combination with alcohol since I don’t drink, but the gas definitely does seem to “pass”. For me it took about 10 days to be maybe 95% gone, and now at the 1 month mark I’d say it’s 99% gone. Not surprising to have at least a small amount on occasion now that I consume so much fiber, but it’s not been any problem at all.


Yeah, I felt like I wasn’t having that much trouble until I added alcohol to the mix, then suddenly it was raging worse than ever. :frowning:


Hmmm wonder if it’s a yeast combination thing? Dunno, just making stuff up at this point LOL


On the other hand, if the date goes well despite the gas, then you know it’s true love :wink:


As a Soylent consumer-in-waiting and amateur brewer, I can tell you from the other side of the Soylent fence that alcohol, especially beer, DEFINITELY makes pre-existing gas several times worse, even on conventional foods.

One of the things I’m most interested to see is how Soylent works as a replacement for my usual go-to drunk foods. Without the extra oils but all the good stuff, I wonder if gastric distress might ease up a few notches?

Let us know how drinking and Soylent goes going forward, Tacosareyum… for science!


I’ve had soylent after getting home from a night of drinking a few times…it’s definitely pretty good, but of course compared to chicken wings, chicken fingers, it’s not quite the holy grail of food you want at 3am. It gives you a good feeling that you’re satisfying the craving though.


I drink moderately on an almost daily basis (I don’t go getting drunk though, so can’t help you there), but I have found that the smelly part of gas has pretty much all gone away, I still have some silent gas, but here around the 2 week mark I haven’t smelt anything from my gas in a while. I’ve even been eating muggle food in the evening with drinks and friends for like 3 days in a row now. I can concur with eating when feeling like crap though. Especially beef, if I’m out of it for whatever reason (maybe not consistent enough Soylent intake), drinking more Soylent doesn’t seem to help, but a nice big burger, or some kind of hearty meal with beef seems to reset my body back to functioning normally again.