10/25 Manufacturing Update




Fantastic info, little bummed that date is in Jan now, but pleased with the exacting timeframe


Hmm, is Canadian shipping delayed too then?


…oh man, that ship date is simultaneously both pretty convenient and fairly tricky for me xD

the weekend directly preceding the 6th is when I move back up to college (living on campus). So that’s pretty nice, get my Soylent right as I move in. Except… I don’t think I officially receive my new mailbox number until I get there! Maybe it will work out and I’ll be able to get a shipping address early, but I think I’ll keep a backup option of “so hey… how would you feel about me temporarily using your on-campus address to receive a mysterious 15kg block of powder?”


…actually, that brings to point another important question. It sounds from the blog post like the non-Soylent add-ons (pitcher, etc) may be shipped earlier on. @JulioMiles, would it be possible to confirm yes/no on that? I did originally back for both a month’s supply and a T-shirt, so I can split into two shipping addresses if necessary, but I want to figure out when things will arrive, as I’d rather not have to ask my family to re-ship things up.

Although honestly if there’s an option to have everything arrive at once, I would probably just choose that, as I don’t need the pitcher or tumblers until I actually have the Soylent, haha.


Every time there is a shipping update it’s a month later than the last estimate. August, no September, no wait… Here’s hoping this is the last one.


I think if there’s any more delays from this point, it would probably be due to an error on RFI or the shipping carriers’ parts. Soylent Co. sort of has an excuse for poor projections (new at this, unexpected demand, etc). Established manufacturers and shipping companies have considerably less excuse. So either they’re right, or the next time there’s a delay all of the grumpy people will have a legitimate gripe against some established companies being bad at deadlines :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay, so glad to see the trigger pulled!

In less than a year from initial concept, Soylent will be in my kitchen!


The update makes it sound as if the vegan vitamin blend is the long pole in the tent. Sad that 4% of soylent users are delaying the entire project, but not much that can be done at this point.


So each pouch contains a week’s worth of powder. Is the oil also in week-sized bottles, or… ? I liked the video of pouring one packet and one serving of oil into the pitcher for one day’s supply. Very neat and convenient, but I realize packing daily amounts would likely cost more to manufacture. I guess we’ll have to do some math to know how much to take out per day now. :wink: Unless there’s a scoop included? :slight_smile:


I really hope that is not the case. It would be a huge pain to separate it into daily allotments. Here’s hoping that Rob & co realize this obvious point.


I think you have misread.


Yeah I misread the part “RFI will be responsible for bundling Soylent and oil bottles into weekly packs and loading onto pallets…” Weekly packs, not pouches - and later it mentions 225,000 bottles of oil, which must be daily since they’re making 225,000 days of Soylent. Cool.


Pretty amazing. Makes you wonder what else Rob&Co are gonna come up with after Soylent is thriving. :smile:


It has finally landed!

How soon will you Re-Order? Your Buffer Size of 50.000 Days will be sufficient of handling about one quarter the initial recipients reordering immidiatly.

It’s against all intuition to imagine the gigantic volumes, nutrition involves even on a “small” scale!


If the order has been placed, what is the finalized nutrition breakdown?


Switching to the vegan vitamin blend didn’t really delay us that much – it did take a week or two to get a revised quote for the vegan blend, but it certainly wasn’t the only thing that was blocking the PO.


We’re working on a nutrition post for this week.


@JulioMiles any idea what the reorder costs will be?


I wouldn’t count on any immediate price changes for reorders: we still have to see what our retention rate looks like, for example.