100%Food - day 2 - baking cookies


I ordered Soylent (haven’t received it yet) early this year because I am fascinated by the concept of “perfect” nutrition. Since I don’t know when I’ll get my Soylent, I ordered 30 bottles of 100%Food (Chocolate) from @Spaceman to get my stomach prepped for this type of fuelling up.

Day 1 - Smelled great with all that chocolate in there, but definitely was difficult to get down given the taste/textures that were new to me. Interestingly enough though it was the first day in 2 months where I haven’t had to take antacids for wicked back heartburn. Not only that but I can certainly attest to the fact that I wasn’t hungry most of the day. I had half a ham sandwich at a much later lunch time than I normally have because I just felt so darn full.

Day 2 - I jumped right into experimenting. I wanted to start my day with a nice rich cup of coffee, so I thought I would try baking the 100%Food into a cookie of some kind I could munch on with my coffee as I start my day. I simply whipped 2 egg whites, folded the entire bottle of 100%Food (Chocolate) into the egg whites, dropped onto a cookie sheet and baked at 350 for 9 minutes. I ended up with 6 beautifully formed cookies. I can’t upload a picture as I’m a new user, but they looked great. Taste wise, nutty and very savoury of course given the lack of sugars…etc, but almost like a slightly chewy, nutty, biscotti. It made 6 cookies. As of right now I finished 4 of them with my coffee. I’ll try finishing the last two with a big glass of water, but I’m already filling up. I think this is definitely a really good backup plan for consuming my 100%Food.

Question: will cooking destroy any of the nutrients in the formula substantially? I’m not strict about adhering to just 100%Food in my experiment, so adding the egg whites seemed like a great compromise/idea to help bring some variety to the mix.

I’m very anxious to see if my 100%Food breakfast yet again keeps the horrible heartburn away. I’ll choke down anything to avoid that and stop using antacids. :smile:


You thought the chocolate was rough, try the raw ones.


I wouldn’t have thought to try to bake with it. Kind of wish you’d bought a different flavor to try cooking variant biscottis!


At low enough temperatures, most minerals don’t denature. I don’t think (I am not a scientist) that you lose much nutrition for the time and temperature that you use while baking.


Very few nutrients get lost in baking, assuming normal oven temperatures and baking times (especially for cookies). B vitamins, mostly. It’s generally a small enough amount to not worry about.


This morning, I added 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and 1 tablespoon of milk. I quickly blitzed the 100%Food mix in a coffee grinder to get a more even texture to it, then added to the stiffly whipped egg whites, then mixed in the peanut butter loosened up with the milk. I flattened them out more, baked them for 10 minutes this time and they were fantastic. Almost like a reese peanut butter cup cookie.

Just now, I mixed up my 100%Food with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, 4 ice cubes, and half a 100%Food container of milk. Blended the heck out of it until silky smooth. Really tastes great! Still a little chalky bitterness, but only just a tiny bit. I guzzled it quickly and it went down great.