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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored in any way by spacenutrientstation.com. I am just a user trying to help the community of people like myself, who want to do away with traditional food for something presumably healthier and more complete than their current diet. I am keeping this log in hopes that it can help people decide if the soylent lifestyle will suit them.

Today is day 0 of my soylent diet. Due to the tremendous back order with official Soylent I had first looked into doing a DIY version but then quickly found the spacenutrientstation.com website. I think for me personally it will be easier, though presumably more expensive then ordering all the things individually and mixing them myself. So today I’ve ordered a one month supply of the Organic 100% food. I’m eagerly awaiting the shipment and to do away with traditional food! I plan on eating the SNS 100% food for all of my meals (I’ll be referring to it in future writing as SNS), save possibly one or two a week. If I do decide to eat a regular meal it will be fresh fruits and vegetables. I will steer clear of the heavy foods that leave so many people feeling awful after a soylent only diet.

When I first heard of Soylent via the vice article that put it in the limelight I was blown away. It had been something that I would ask for out loud multiple times a week. When the twice daily conversation of “What do you want to eat?” would happen between me and my girlfriend, I usually say “Nothing, I just want a pill I can swallow that will give me everything I need.” Well we finally have that product! Though not in pill form it’s close enough. I am not someone who truly enjoys eating. It’s always something I’ve viewed as a necessity and I’m excited to not have to worry about what I’m going to eat and how good it’s going to be for me.

I think next it would be good to give my personal statistics so you can get an idea of my lifestyle. 28 year old, 194 lbs male with 25% bf (weight watchers bioelectrical impedance scale) and 6’0 tall. I have been spending about 20 minutes on the treadmill or similar device 3-4 times a week. I play poker for a living and thus my work, like many of the users here, is rather sedentary. 7 months ago I stopped working out regularly. Before that I was going to an MMA gym 3 times a week and working hard. MMA workouts can burn a ton of calories during and after the exercise due to the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) of the HIIT style workout. I was also eating a meatless diet. I would hesitate to call it a true vegetarian diet as I consumed a lot of cheese and convenient meatless restaurant food. Since stopping my martial arts workouts and meatless diet I’ve gained about 18lbs.

I believe it would also be prudent to talk about my current diet. My girlfriend and I eat out for about 60% of our meals. I cook at home for the rest of them. When we eat out we don’t do fast food’s very often. Our restaurants of choice are generally breakfast diners for the first meal, if not a breakfast diner it’s usually a sandwich place. And for dinner we will often eat the standard 4 food groups: Indian, Italian, Mexican, or hamburgers. I spend an incredible amount of money eating out each month. I would guess it averages at least 40$ a day and it’s something I’m looking forward to cutting back on. I’ll still go with my girlfriend for a few meals a month, however I’ll just be ordering a non soda beverage. I cut soda out of my diet about 1.5 months ago and will generally drink water or sweet tea, and sometimes a fruit juice. At home I drink water or gatorarde. I will probably continue drinking gatorades once in a while as they are generally low on calories and help to curb any cravings for sweets that I have.

I guess I should take a quick moment and talk about my bowel movements as that will certainly be pertinent down the road. If you don’t want to hear some gruesome, slightly embarrassing details then skip this paragraph. I have very regular BM but by they are by no means normal. I usually go 3 or 4 times in the morning over the course of a few hours. If I have to go I can’t wait. If I wait more than ten minutes from getting the first sensation I get incredibly nauseous which will often lead to heavy coughing and dry heaving/vomiting. The constancy of my BM aren’t normal either. It’s usually very soft and watery. I do believe that I have food allergies that I’ve never addressed. I haven’t been to a doctor since I was 13 and it was only for a standard school physical. This is something that I hope will normalize with the reduction in gluten and lactose in my diet and increase in fiber consumption. I also do plan to visit a doctor for general health check up and to have my blood work done while I am using the diet. I will not likely have a before comparison.

I plan on updating this once in a while. I’ll update once I get my first shipment with my first impression and then again once I’ve been using the product to discuss an potential side affects I may be having as well as changes in body composition and how I am feeling. I have read a lot of the post’s on this forum and I’m already expecting possible gas and headaches at first, but this will be a small price to pay for what SNS and Soylent is offering.

If you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to ask or share. I am looking forward to any feedback from the community and I do hope that this post will help people in their decision to use Soylent or one of the many DIY variants.



If you don’t think the bowel movements are from food allergies, I would recommend adding a small amount of psyllium husk (between half a gram and a gram) and see if that improves your experience.


@Lengthy Just wondering how it’s been treating you so far?