100%-ish Algae powder?

Does anyone know a source to buy 100%, or close to it, algae?

If Soylent may be switching to algae as an ingredient, I might as well try it sooner than later.

The algae that Soylent 2.0 uses is not the conventionally grown algae you can find as a consumer. It’s industrially grown in tanks (not in sunlight), most likely by Solazyme, and you probably can’t get it unless you’re paying them to manufacture tons of it at once:



How confident are you this is the company supplying the algal oil? (I’m guessing you’re right) Are there any other possibilities out there?

I don’t know of any other companies manufacturing this kind of algae except Solazyme. There’s some further speculation on reddit.

This article claims that Solazyme is the algae manufacturer involved, as linked from this thread:

Thanks. That Motherboard article says it’s Solazyme, and that Brian Merchant is pretty well connected to the Soylent world.

Just bought some Solazyme stock. I’ve been wanting to invest in Soylent, this is the only way I know how at this point, albeit indirectly…


Hopefully the lawsuit doesn’t put them under

I know. It’s a highly risky stock. But it’s also trading near all time lows, and if RL continues to use their products, and RL grows as big as we all hope it does, well that would be very nice. I’ve always fantasized about finding a small company to invest in that is flying under the radar and then hits it big. BUT, RL is constantly evolving their product. Their bright and shiny new rice protein which looked like the future of nutrition appears to be on the way out.

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From what I read at the following: 100,000 square foot facility could feed 4 million people

RL is only using Solazyme as a temporary step until that new a super algae is ready.

Info on Solazyme
“an exciting new beverage company is launching a meal replacement drink made with an AlgaWise oil.”


Yeah, that’s Soylent 2.0

Very interesting Webinar from Solazyme talking about the benefits of their Algawise oil…


I thought we were trying to get away from our dependence on oil! This is so confusing!