100% Soylent During Weekdays... Good food to add in?

So I have been doing 100% Soylent from Monday - Friday lunch for a couple weeks now, and I LOVE it. I love how easy it is to make, I don’t waste time thinking about food during the week, I have a lot of energy (even though I am only taking in about 1600 calories a day. Trying to drop a couple lbs).

Only problem I have is when I eat food again Friday night… The entire weekend I have a pretty moderate stomach ache. I have always been known to have an iron stomach, so this is new to me.

I am thinking it is because I am shutting down my intestines for 4.5 days. So my solution is to sub in a little bit of food every morning to keep my digestive system going.

What do you all suggest? I was thinking maybe 250-300 calories in kidney beans, as they as high in fiber, and plenty of protein.

Do you think Soylent skips your intestines somehow?


I’d supplement with fiber (metamucil, citrucel, prunes or other dried fruit) through the week.

perhaps your stomach gets used to the reduced bulk during the week, & eating smaller meals (more frequently) on the weekend would help.

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What sort of stuff do you eat on Friday night?

pauldwaite: Not anything too crazy. My girlfriend and I always end up trying a new restaurant in the city, so the type of cuisine varies.

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Well no… but I would assume only having liquid passing through the intestines for 4.5 days is much easier than passing solid foods…

Could be. Although I do think it’s easy to overestimate how “solid” solid foods are. Unless you’re biting off chunks and swallowing them whole, step one is chewing (mashing food into a paste using your teeth and saliva). Then the stomach does its acid thing and breaks this stuff down even more.

Hopefully someone more informed can jump in and correct me, but by the time food’s hitting your intestines, I’m guessing it’s often not much thicker/more solid than Soylent for the most part.


I like Triscuits as a healthy snack. No sugars, and a bit of fiber and protein. They also add needed sodium, since I’m not getting enough when I do 100% Soylent (and I’m watching my sodium!)

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You’re correct; it’s mostly liquid at that point. The only exceptions would be things that humans can’t digest, like some seed shells(the outer layer of corn, for example, which we all know goes through intact). Fiber is still dissolved at that point too and doesn’t “bulk up” the stool until later when most of the water has been absorbed into the body.

Can you be more specific than “stomach ache”? The solution to a stomach problem would be different from the solution to an intestinal problem. Which is it?


Just a dull ache in the middle right area of my stomach. Slightly above my belly button.

may I suggest two buttered toast slices.

I’m now in the habit of adding salad or some high-fiber crackers to my Soylent, after a bout with constipation on Soylent-only.

Have observed that some “discomfort” occurs with restaurant food due to the level of fat in the food…simply being much greater than in Soylent per se or in my non-Soylent cooking.

You say you’re 100% Monday-Friday for lunch. Do you mean you eat conventional meals for dinner throughout the week but Friday typically go out to eat? At 1600 calories a day just for lunch that’s a lot of food. I wonder if it’s not the amount of food on your stomach that could be causing the discomfort. Especially if you’re like me where I’d, how you say, “make the most of it” when eating out if I were to do that and probably overdo it on the food. Since I’m 100% Soylent all meals I can see a conventional meal I’d go overboard. One reason I use Soylent as a means to control my obsessive eating habits. But, digress, could it simply be the amount of food in addition to the Soylent? Try a Friday or weekend where you eat conventional for each meal, no Soylent, and see if your stomach doesn’t get the urps.


Sorry if there was any confusion, but I am ONLY doing 1500-1600 calories via soylent M-Thursday (no food). Broken into 4 ‘meals’

Friday I do breakfast and lunch soylent, and real food for dinner.

But yes, similar to you I can be quite obsessive with food and do “like to make the most” of my actual meals, which is why soylent has been good for my during the week. I am able to abstain all week, in an effort to reward myself with no limits during the weekends.

I realize this is not optimal, but I have a hard time with anything that isn’t all or nothing.

I totally understand that all too well. Try one week to keep a close eye on portion control with your conventional meal. If you don’t have stomach issues then it may be quantity and not quality of the food. Especially given that your conventional meals have varied so much it leads me to believe it’s not something in the food or Soylent but a different factor. If the stomach issues remain or even get worse I’d suggest a doctor visit as it could be something medical.


I like having jerky as a snack. But then I’m an inveterate carnivore who spends a ridiculous amount of time in the woods.

Still, especially with 2.0, the extra protein leaves me feeling WAY more satiated than I am with Soylent alone, and if you read the packaging, jerky is much better for you (or less bad, anyway) than you might think.

Hi, new to Soylent (the Australian version) and so far all good. I am not 100% soylent, I have a green smoothie for breakfast and half of one later afternoon before cycling home. I figured that getting a protein and fibre hit in the morning would be good plus it contains all the good stuff that the Soylent nay-sayers advocate in an easily glugabe form…

Cup of OJ, roughly cup of water, mixture of the following that equates to a large double handful: baby spinach, kale, cucumber, zucchini, chard, rocket, celery. Also add two table spoons of flax seeds and chia seeds plus two scoops of raw pea protein powder. I make up a bucket full (literally a bucket) of the salad every two weeks. I use the pre bagged and washed mixed leaf packs for all the leaves barring the kale and separates for the other stuff. Once mixed up in the bucket squash it down into sandwich bags and freeze, therefore no waste or spoiling leaves, plus it blends better from frozen. Buzz up the next day’s smoothie after mixing the next day’s soylent in the blender, no extra time really and no extra clearing up. Seems to work so far.

I am going 100% Soylent this week, I have decided to see if I can do it. Mainly I am on my last two weeks of training for work and I have been eating too many sweets at home. Hoping this will be a reset. (I still maintain my calorie limit, I have simply been eating more sweets than I used to.)

Normally I eat a Soylent Breakfast and Lunch (500 Cal/ 16oz) and then whatever I want for dinner as long as its within my Calorie limit (2500 calories to maintain my weight at my fitness level.)

I am going to go 100% Soylent this week, eating 2,250 calories, 1.6 Powder + 1 Food Bar.


You could try adding some more solid food in your diet to see if that helps.

I like to drink 1600 calories of soylent one day,
then the next day I only drink 1200 calories of soylent and eat a solid meal of about 800 calories.

This alternates between the 1600/2000 without any problems for me.
There is actually a lot of decent solid food meals out there that 800 calories.
Mostly you need to limit bread product and deep fried foods.

Learning the foods that are 800 calorie, and the ones that are way more then that also will help to maintain your weight if you ever give up soylent.