100% Space Nutrients - I'm pissed


I am really pissed off.

So I ordered @Spaceman 21-flavor set. It was $104 for me, but I wanted to see if I could add something different to the mix with my regular use of Soylent. The product seemed promising and many people seem to have had a good experience with 100% Space Nutrients.

Unfortunately, for me, this is been a complete bust. I ordered on June 23 and I received it today, 16 days later. Not great, but not bad at all.

I open the box and what I saw devastated me. Pictures below. There is obviously no care or pride put into these products. I am irate. They were packaged in take out cups with no secure fastening AT ALL! The very least courtesy and common sense would predicate the use of scotch tape to keep the lids closed.

I had seen numerous photos of 100% Space Nutrients in a nice bottle. That is what I thought I would get.

Instead I have about half the 21 meals that are either completely empty or half empty and I have a box that is filled with powder that varies from ‘Cinnabon’ to ‘Chicken Soup’ meaning I can’t even reclaim the powder. I have a wife who is pissed at the mess that this created in our living room.

Normally I wouldn’t air a grievance like this before going to the manufacturer, but this is just so callous. Who the hell ships a product in take-out cups without anything to keep the lids closed? Eveyrone has had a fast-food cup leak AT THE RESTAURANT.

I apologize if this rant offends anyone, but I needed to vent and I think it is a warning as usual, buyer beware. I am sticking to my Soylent.


I would also expect based on the pictures 100%FOOD would come in containers with screw-on lids.

Anyway, this thread might be more appropriate for Spaceman’s discourse forum.


Oh that sucks mate :confused: Yeah I was undert he impression they came in those small bottles too… first time I seen these plastic cups being used… I am sure they would either refund or send you a new batch in the right bottles :), because anything else would be bad for their continued sales


I would expect @spaceman to make this right, at least from what I have seen from his service/relations to others on the forums I think he will. Personally, I think he should give you the option of a refund or a replacement order.

This should have never been shipped that way and is totally unacceptable. From everything I have seen him post you should entirely expect to get a nice bottle with every single meal, the only caveat I remember seeing to that is if you specifically request your order be shipped in bags to reduce packaging waste, but even that would be better than what you received.

Let us know what he does to make it right.


Yeah, baggies would have been better.

I don’t really get the bottle-with-each-meal thing anyway. It’s so easy to have a glass or steel or even plastic bottle that you like and reuse it.


I’m with you there, but I get why he’s doing the bottles and I’m sure some will prefer them for the convenience on the go.

For me though, I just pour a glass when I’m home, or pour a thermos when I’m going out. I’d much rather have a well soaked and chilled thermos full of my S/soylent.


I wish I could say I was surprised.
Sorry man…


How to properly secure soup


Thanks guys! and thanks @foxhound34 ha ha for the CYE clip. Made my day, I miss that show.


I have a 1 week order that should be arriving today (according to tracking). Hoping I don’t see the same thing after I get home from work.


That is absolutely insane. Those solo cups are meant to be used in a vertical position and to hold liquid with the assistance of gravity. I can’t imagine how anyone would think they would “hold up” through shipping. Even if you taped over the top or something with packing tape the cups are very flexible and will give under the slightest pressure and flex. Once the body of the cup starts to flex the top can pop off without very very very little force. They simply aren’t shipping containers… If they need to cut costs ship the stuff in zip locks on one side and a “stack” of empty cups on the right with the lids stacked next to them. This would accomplish the goal of providing the customer the containers for consumption and also save space because the solo cups are completely stackable… win/win?


You also won’t be able to claim anything with the shipper because the insurance only covers packaged properly and no shipper would ever agree that your shipment was properly packed.


Hi everyone,

I should bring my apologies for the package of 21 flavor set.
Using cups for shipping was a bad (very bad) idea.
I was notified many of them were damaged and opened during transportation.

Why did we use cups instead of our regular bottles?
As you might know - we designed WESNA - 100%FOOD Machine that uses cups as a container (check www.wesna.me).
Along with the flavors we wanted to test it’s cups for delivery. And now we see, that it doesn’t work.

I already offered two variants for improving situation in forum:

Refund, or
Re-send broken samples in bottles next week (let me know which)

But since it’s happened due to Machine - let machine be responsible too :slight_smile:
WESNA will have an account to pay for meals linked with DIY-soylent marketplace (so you can buy DIY-soylent too).

So the 3rd variant - I’m ready to transfer $84 to your WESNA account.
Machines and accounts will be available in Sept-2014.

a.k.a Spaceman


@Spaceman Thanks for the response. I guess that is really all anyone can ask for now isn’t it.

I personally, would like to receive the broken samples back. Specifically:

-Chicken Soup
-Green Tea


@ILoveLamp you order is already cooking and will be looking like this:

I put an update on our website: http://www.spacenutrientsstation.com/#!menu/cygq
And in the forum on Marketplace: http://discourse.powderedfoods.com/t/21-flavor-mix-set-review/44/14


wow this is pretty funny


“One week capacity 100%FOOD Machine. Features: 3 refillable cartridges, dry mixture dispenser, water dispenser, oil dispenser.”

Please clarify…Are the specs on the machine a weeks worth of powder, oil and water are stored in the machine, within 3 refillable cartridges?

If so, how big is this machine going to be? Are the cartridges enclosed and out of sight or do they hang off the back exposed etc, etc…



Programmable to the specs of different DIY powders? What about cleaning? I would dislike the need to clean these every other week/day. Oil would be done for the whole machine or is it actually 3 cartridges of powder, 3 cartridges for oil and one for water (perhaps even tap water connection)? Ability to use it for a household with non tracking enabled aka just have different profiles for 5 or more people + one generic with cal measurement?


Thanks @Muggle for the interest to WESNA.

Compact machine for home / office use will have the size of microwave (since we have no so many place in the kitchen).
Vending machine for tests (that arrive in Sept-2014) - will have the size of regular vending (cola) machine.

Regarding cartridges. The vending version will have 3 refillable canisters for pre-mixed blends and 1 for oil inside machine, while water will be supplied from outlet. Compact version will have an extra water tank inside (since it needs less water consumption).

We also thinking of making disposable cartridges for home version (like printers have). It might be more handy (and cleaner asl @stp suggests) , but will increase the cost and if you want to have your DIY-version filled in a machine - you will face with need of cartridge.

Have a look at the drawing below and tell me what do you think:

Regarding profiles - since the machine will be operated by Windows (vending) and Android OS (compact) we will allow to have to users have as many profiles as they want (for each family member, employee, etc.). And if we finally found that 2000 calorie person - generic profile fir him :smile:


Testing vending machines as big as cola ones seems huge. PM me about the details I might be interested…