10K weeks of Soylent now presold


Today the Soylent Corp. crowdfunding campaign passed a significant benchmark! Over 10,000 weeks’ supply of Soylent have now been presold via the rewards campaign (assuming just for quick calculation that 1 month = 4 weeks, 2 months = 8 weeks, 3 months = 12 weeks). There are still 5 days to run on the campaign and additional backers continue to sign up steadily; if anything the signup rate may creescendo in the last two or three days.

It’s an impressive result in a very short period of time for a from-scratch startup witha no product on the ground and no production facilities. It will be interesting, when we finally learn the details, to know who actually will produce and package Soylent.

BTW a weird sort of humour/ripoff item has appeared on a geek site:
Soylent Green Crackers
I couldn’t find a manufacturer listed and wonder if they are actually selling anything at all or if the whole thing’s just someone’s pawky joke, but the text attributes this to “Soylent Corporation” which isn’t so funny. Heads up, guys.


Congratulations! Looking forward to what comes next for ya’ll.

In re: crackers. I would gather this is just another harmless product by the folks over at ThinkGeek. They’ve made mana and health ‘potions,’ bacon salt, and light-up candy lightsabers. Usually if it’s a complete fake the buy now button will be replaced with a ‘sold out’ or something witty relating to the product. That they’re riding the wave of the soylent craze also isn’t really much of a surprise; I’m sure google trends is showing its searches skyrocketing.

IIRC, Soylent Corporation comes from the fiction itself, so also no real surprise there. Googling returns the crackers and many other parody sites from the movie itself. I guess it might not be a bad idea to avoid using a name in public domain (or owned by the WB which is the case for the movie) that’s also from a fiction novel? Could at least prevent the parody products.


You’re probably right about that! But then OTOH there’s the old Hollywood maxim, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!” Even the parodies and the plethora of ignorant comments about Soylent-is-people do create a lot of buzz and get the product and the concept in the public eye. I tend to think it was pretty clever of Rob to name the product so audaciously. Sure, it was taking a big risk, but I think it has boosted it into instant notoriety and recognition. If people then try it and discover that it delivers on the promises, there’ll be no stopping it then!