11/9 Weekly Update


New blog post up! I’m very glad that they took a look at their timetables and came out with obtainable ranges versus a single (and what I believe was unobtainable unless all the planets aligned) date.

I also liked the insight to how their iterations aren’t affecting the bottom line shipping date, though I do hope they select a profile soon so it doesn’t end up effecting it, and also so they’re able to post the nutrition profile asap.


im hoping for a breakdown of the recipe soon too, its getting close to time for me to reorder stuff for diy, and i would like to get closer to the final formula to make sure im getting everything right



This week had some solid progress — top of the list is the pack of samples we received from RFI (our contract manufacturer) this morning, pictured above.


This process takes 10 days and took us by surprise, as we believed that RFI would be able to establish the nutritional breakdown in their in-house lab.

In the best case scenario, if they approved the final sample on 11/9, you won’t see the final nutritional breakdown until 11/19.

Personally I am very confused by not knowing what’s in the product until you after approve it? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


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Yo, @JulioMiles, did yall put a pouch in the box? /crossed fingers!


I really doubt its going to be 10 calendar days, 10 workdays makes much more sense as its 2 weeks. I expect we’ll see it around thanksgiving.

As far as to why they don’t know, I imagine they want to give a detailed listing of ingredients, like "Max’s Maltodextrin Mix, 100g " versus “Maltodextrin: 100g” I would imagine by now they’ve had the top-level requirements nailed down for a month or two, they’re just working on finding suppliers with the right mixes so it doesn’t taste and feel like they ground up tums and put it in a cup.


Well it’s been 11 days not counting the Vice response… Hopefully this week’s is a biggie


I imagine its because they want to post the ingredient list. They’re probably just pushing it “just 1 more day” in the hopes that they give us the big info dump, but as I’ve said before, delaying regularly scheduled updates to try and include more info rarely usually leads into a “death spiral” of infrequent updates in the misinformed notion that every update must include super critical information.

I’d wager that most of us would have preferred if they posted a skimpy update on Sunday and just waited to post the full nutrient breakdown this upcoming Sunday instead of posting it this Thursday/Friday like I expect it’ll be up.


Well it’s been 10 working days…


Indeed, I would have expected them to have posted it by now. Looking at the update posting date, and assuming worst possible cases. Not knowing what the 10 days quoted by RFI means (i.e. it could be the 3rd party verifier takes 10 days to verify meaning that doesn’t include transit time of materials) it could actually be closer to 2 December before they get all the data back from RFI. Worst case timeline could look something like this:

8 Nov 13: RFI recieves approval of sample batch from Rosa Labs.
12 Nov 13: RFI Ships sample to 3rd party lab for verification (8th was a friday so shipments didn’t go out, and 11th was a federal holiday)
13 Nov-27 Nov: 3rd party receives shipment and accomplishes testing
29 Nov: 3rd party ships back results
2 Dec: RFI Recieves data back


The only thing that makes me feel better about this is that this probably shouldn’t delay the shipping date, but it would be more reassuring to hear an official statement confirming that instead of radio silence and speculation.


It has been almost a month since the last shipping update, any better idea now as to when, next month, we will get our orders?


I wouldn’t think so yet Darc, RFI put their procurement of all items (first on the list) as taking 6-8 weeks. We are currently 5.8 weeks out, so even at best case scenario RFI wouldn’t be getting all the items until late this week, and very rarely do things happen early in procurement.

My current hope is that the week before Christmas we’ll get info that they’ve recieved all of the ingreedents along with them having signed a deal with an oil bottler (hopefuly sooner on that part though).

I wonder if the RFI timetable estimates took into account the 3-4 holidays though.