14 Fart Facts (Activated Charcoal may fix gas problems!)


Saw this just now, and thought I would share… mainly because of fact #7 (1:52) where he mentions medicine that binds to sulfur compounds to make them smell less bad.

I couldn’t find the specific “medicine”, since he doesn’t mention it, but it made me search a little…

It should help with the Hydrogen Sulfide (one of, if not the main reason why farts smell)

The site recommends these capsules
Because they are easy to take without getting carbon/charcoal in your teeth…

Now, the point of my post today is… how many of you with deadly farts would be willing to try something like this and report their findings? For science?

Someone else already suggested it… He said his gas problems stopped… Perhaps we should officially suggest this until the Soylent recipe doesn’t cause too much smell and gas in some/many @Soylent

which seems to be true. “Activated charcoal does not irritate the mucous membranes of the GI system. In addition to adsorption of toxins, activated charcoal also adsorbs food nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, this short-term effect is not a concern when activated charcoal is used to treat poisoning.”


Would anyone by any chance know how badly 2 capsule with 560mg charcoal (a serving) will affect nutrition?


Look into Bismuth Subgallate. It effectively eliminates or at least greatly diminishes gas odors. I looked into it awhile ago but don’t recall seeing how it works. I assume it must bind up free sulfur during digestion to limit production of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Devrom is a product that can be purchased off-the-shelf. The tablets are banana-flavored and coat your tongue with a chalky film. Your stool will be darker, but your farts will have very little odor. I don’t think you can expect a reduction in the volume of gas you produce, though.


I have tried the charcoal, albeit in an unsystematic way. I hesitate to endorse it. At this point, I try so many products every day, I would have a hard time identifying which one was effective–if any of them actually were effective on a consistent basis. Some days, things are manageable, which is to say reasonably poor; other days, I am banned from all rooms of the house but my office by my wife and son. The gentle hiss of air fresheners has become familiar background music outside my door. So, no, I’m not sold on charcoal.

Fun fact: Pythagoras was not only a mathematician and philosopher, but a mystic around whom a cult developed. Neo-Pythagoreans, for example, comprised a reasonably popular underground religion in ancient Rome. Among Pythagoras’ signature teachings was one forbidding the consumption of beans, because doing so leads to passing gas, which he held contains the human soul. Intentionally doing something that leads one to expel one’s soul was frowned upon. What would he think of Soylent?


I also wonder about the nutritional compromises implicated by charcoal, which has led me to use it less often than, say, Gas-X.


I wouldn’t think that taking activated charcoal on a regular basis would be very healthy. If only because it can make you very constipated, and make your poop look like it came from the actual bowels of Hell.

I know that if you call 911 for someone that has alcohol poisoning, they’ll give them activated charcoal during the ambulance ride to the hospital. The idea being that the charcoal helps to filter out any remaining alcohol in the stomach and prevent things from getting worse before they get to the hospital. I’ve also read that activated charcoal interferes with certain kinds of medicine.

If it can keep your body from metabolizing alcohol (I think) and possibly keep medicine from working, it could interfere with the way you take nutrition from Soylent.


I started Soylent 1.3 a week ago and the farts are pretty much back to normal levels. (pre-soylent times) I don’t know whether it’s because of 1.3 content or something else. I still have two boxes of 1.2 so I’ll switch again next week to see what happens.

Update: Switching to 1.2 made no difference, so I guess my body simply got used to Soylent.