16oz Soylent with 1 shot lagavulin


is very good

like a chalky nutritiony white russian

yes i know white russians don’t normally have scotch in them

that is all


Isn’t that a waste of Soylent? And lagavulin?


I must admit I am more than a little conflicted about the Soylent/Single Malt combo. I’m trying to imagine blending my Macallan 25 with my Soylent. It may take 8 or 9 glasses before I’m convinced one way or the other.


The problem with science is that you can’t conduct experiments just once, too. I feel your pain brother.


Unfortunately Highlands didn’t work out as well with Soylent. Too sharp. The peat of Islay scotches work well with the oats for some reason.


What kind of ratio? This is sounding better and better the more I think of it…


I’m going to try this on Friday. Too bad I don’t have my Soylent yet. It’s only half the experiment.


Indeed, but it sounds like you have the half that can keep you busy in the mean time :wink:


For science, of course.


I just realized my question about the ratio was rather idiotic, it’s right in the title -_- d’oh!