1760 Calories; 100% Nutrition; 100% Soylent; Stayed Full!

So, currently ive got myself on what I want to be a type of easy/cheap diet/routine.

I’m intermittent fasting 16 hour fast; 8 hours eating.
I’m doing couch to 5k, currently on Week 3 (Which I never thought I’d be able to do that, let alone in 3)
I work a low activity night shift job, that happens to have a Gym.
I’ve been following soylent since it was practically just a blog, but never consumed it regularly.

My BMR currently states I require 2270 calories to maintain. Soylent (Drink) does not provide 100% nutrition below 2000 calories. BUT!

3 Soylent (60%) 400 Calories (1200 calories)
2 Bridge (30%) 180 Calories (360 Calories)
2 squared (10%) 100 calories (200 Calories)

Does! :open_mouth: at 1760 calories. And happens to flow very nicely into 16:8. with the squared acting as emergency rations (I only loose 10% nutrition should I not eat them) (I can just have a bridge to drop 50 calories further and maintain nutrition)

So I came up with the below, worried I’d be hungry at some point through the day.

10pm-12am: Squared if emergency hungry.
12am: Soylent drink.
3am: Soylent drink.
6am: Soylent drink.
7am: Soylent bridge.
8am: Soylent bridge.
9am-11am: Squared if emergency hungry.

When my soylent arrived, it happened to arrive on a day off (I decided i’d only do this when working, as I work a 4/10 schedule) and I thought id give it a go anyway.

And, I went to sleep stuffed! I was hungry waiting through my fasting period but thats normal anyway, I had a squared and it didnt fully satisfy, but its not supposed to as I’m fasting, only lessened the hunger. But by the time I went to sleep I have to say I was super super full, and more tired than usual (which is a good thing for me)!

Its cool stuff, I have a feeling this may function as an easy to use diet while couch to 5king while super overweight. To be fair though, I believed in the original concept idea of “Having soylent as a tap in the house similar to tap water” So it doesnt bother me using it for 100% nutrition now.

Any problems people can see with the above? As it appears to truly be working out, Should I reducing the fasting zone to ensure things are being absorbed right, or reduce nutrition, just curious!

But thought id also put this out there as a, it works to keep ya full and thats super cool, kind of post.


100% RDI isn’t some magic number. It’s just the best guess of the folks at the FDA on approximately what people should have. Frankly, if you were having all RTD and squares, 1800 calories and 90% of RDI, that would be just fine. But this system will work fine as well, and if it’s working for you, then enjoy!

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