1mo box available in Reno area


At my cost $255. Local buyers only, will not ship. I work in a public building so can do transaction there, nice and safe for all, cash only.


Reno, NV guess I should of been more specific


I’m curious why you’re getting rid of it. Care to share a bit of you’re user experience?

Some folks on this forum are data junkies, so anything you can add would be welcome, more data points and all.

I’m not asking in a mean way, and absolutely no offense meant here. Glad you’re able to offer it to someone else, I’m sure you’ll find someone to take you up on the offer.


I will take it if you still have it available. I live and Reno (NV) and will be happy to pick it up as soon as possible. I have a original 2 week order i’ve been waiting for plus an additional month but would love to get started on Soylent sooner if possible.