1st bottle of 2.0 and face rash. Allergy?


I ordered my first 12 bottles of soylent last week, and had one for dinner on Friday night. By Saturday morning I had a rash break out on my face – forehead, cheeks and chin, slightly ichy. I have never had any food allergy before, and never had problems with soy, gluten, fish oil, oats etc. Today is Sunday, and the rash has gotten much better, with the other 11 bottles of soylent still in the fridge.

I like the idea of soylent and really want it to work for me. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experience? Thanks!


Think I might’ve had something similar, but the rash looked more like an acne breakout. I was on my second week or so drinking Soylent (replacing breakfast and lunch). To my great relief, it went away after three to four days. It’d be interesting to hear whether other people have had similar adjustment periods.


Initially thought the same thing but turns out I have poison ivy on my face :frowning: …unfortunately.