2.0 delivery packaging (too heavy)

I have a subscription for 6 12 packs per month of 2.0.

Originally it was shipped in two boxes with three 12 packs in each.
(this left quite a bit of empty space in the boxes)

Now it is shipped in two boxes with 2 12 packs in one and 4 12packs in the other.
(there is no empty space in the new boxes. I’m guessing that is why they switched)

The box with 4 12 packs is very heavy (over 50lbs I think)

I would really prefer it if they sent me three boxes with 2 12 pack each. This would be much easier to carry.

For some reason FedEx will not leave the boxes at my door and always leave the boxes in front of my landlords door and then I have to carry them down the driveway.

Just my 2 cents. I think the 2 12 packs per box would be easier for customers to handle.

(P.S. Has anyone received shipments through Amazon yet? How do they package them and do you have the option of shipping them UPS? [UPS always leaves my deliveries at my door])


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My experience:

It was actually annoying enough that I changed my next order to three boxes.

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I suggest have multiple subcriptions. 4 orders of 1 box, and 1 order of 2 boxes, ordered a few days apart.

Especially if your ordering from amazon, since 5 subscriptions will also get you the 15% discount.


Those are the new boxes that I got. Is there a way to ask for specific size boxes to be delivered?
Or did you just create 2 orders of 3 12packs each?

No, I just changed my next order to three boxes. You could create two orders if you want, though. Or any number of orders to get whatever size you want, really.

My last delivery of five 2.0 boxes came in one long carton. It was very heavy and quite a lug from my front porch.

I ordered my next five boxes early because orthognathic surgery has made 2.0 more usable than 1.5/6 for a while. That came yesterday–in a four-box carton with a one-box carton on the side. (Did they have to put the extra box in another box? Maybe it’s safer.) That was easier.

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Maybe you should invest in a dolly or a wagon.