2.0 fill level?

Today when I was out and about I opened a bottle of 2.0, and I noticed the fill level was on the higher shoulder as opposed to the high neck of the bottle.

I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture but normally the fill on the bottle is high to where I can add just enough johnny moo to fill any remaining void.

It could be my imagination, I may open up another bottle in the morning instead of using powder but has anyone else notice this or experience this?

I honestly never look, but if I see any abnormal bottles I’ll try to get a picture. Any idea what the date code was?

Sold by weight not volume

They don’t weigh them. They time how long to pour.

I don’t have a box nearby but doesn’t it say 414 ml per bottle all over the place? Also it wouldn’t surprise me if the bottles were overfilled normally. I’m not sure what the FDA policy says, but I wouldn’t be surprised if slight variation was expected and tolerated.

Opened up another two bottles of 2.0 and the fill level has been correct. Must have been my imagination.

I’ve actually had a few bottles in my last shipment where the fill level seemed high, probably a fluke but definitely not your imagination. Most of my Cacao bottles seemed filled on the high side as well.