2.0 flavoring thread

turned my 2.0 into vanilla latte with 1/2tsp of vanilla & 1 pack of Starbucks via dark Italian roast. I recommend dissolving coffee in an ounce of warm water before adding to cold Soylent otherwise takes a lot of shaking but it wlill dissolve.


I don’t plan to drink 2.0 often since I’ve gone keto, but I would think simple Hershey syrup would work nicely.


Yes it does. That was lunch.


Yesterday I used Nestea water flavoring and it was really good.

This morning I made an instant coffee mix on ice and it’s perfect.

This stuff Is good


In keeping with the cereal theme, a very small squeeze of Mio Fruit Punch gives Soylent 2.0 a hint of Crunch Berries. Might try a little more Mio next time. Hard to add flavors at this point, since I’ve only had a few bottles and am still enjoying the base flavor of 2.0

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I tried Mio and it seems to give a weird and the taste is note quite what I’m looking for, but Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix blackberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade are really doing it for me and no added calories.

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I’ve been adding some local honey to each bottle…adds a slightly sweet flavor


Tried the dasani strawberry basil in 2.0. It’s great.

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A sprinkle of salt was nice I feel soylent is not salty enough for my taste. I know I’ll need to reduce this eventually but it helps me too drink it.

I found after some days now that the 2.0 feels very rich. Like cream almost and I am reluctant to drink my 4 daily bottles. Is really annoying.

Flavoring helps but not totally. I’m wondering what to do about that

I really enjoyed the base flavor of 2.0, much better than the base flavor of 1.5.

Not really finding a need to flavor this, but I assume that chocolate or vanilla would be good choices.


Hear hear!

And my dear you dont need to reduce it, as long as your consumption is below 2300 mg. I am assuming you are not hypertensive or fully sedentary.

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No I’m healthy just over my weight and battling 30 pounds. I do find salt helps me comply a lot.


I can think of flavors to add…it’s the how that gets me. Nothing seems to really mix.

I just tried the Orange Vanilla Mio in a bottle of v2.0 that many have suggested. Pretty good, although you kinda have to add a lot to be noticed.

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If I have a bout of insomnia, I add some chamelion cold brew coffee. I think thier caramel flavored coffee goes best with soylent but even the unflavored one is nice. For the most part I enjoy it plain.

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Johnny Moo Milk flavoring drops are da bomb. They come in a little squeeze bottle like water flavoring & the flavors are more compatible with the milkiness of soylent imho.

I put my soylent bottles plus a water bottle in a little insulated lunch cooler bag in the morning along with an ice pack, my cooler bag has a little extra zipper section on the outside, where I keep several bottles of Johnny Moo plus lemonade drops for my water in case I get tired of drinking it plain. Boom, all set for the day in roughly one minute.

My favorite flavors are banana & cookies & cream.

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2.0 + Banana + 2 tbsp PB2 = GREATNESS. (Add tsp of psyllium husk, chill for two hours and service over crushed ice for shake consistency.)

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I don’t mind the taste of 2.0, I down it in a few minutes. I’ve never tried flavoring it, except with chocolate syrup a few times. I have to try Mio and other things since I love them and have a few in my cabinet.

I found the best thing possible to do with Soylent. On a hunch, I added 2 heaping ordinary teaspoons of Ovaltine. This made Soylent unexpectedly crazy delicious, and only added about 30 calories at most. Since my calorie requirements are low, the added vitamins and such in the Ovaltine don’t hurt, either.

Seriously, this turned out so much better than I could have imagined.

It was easy - just take a sip to make room in the bottle, pour the Ovaltine in using some sort of funnel, and shake well - it mixes easily and stays mixed.


Some great ideas here, esp the Ovaltine, I’m looking forward to grabbing some next time I go shopping.

I’ve been adding 1-3 drops of vanilla extract, some cinnamon, and maybe a pinch of brown or golden sugar when I’m in the mood for a little more sweet. Tasty stuff.