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Insulin response was what i was talking about from the beginning not digestion. Are you sure about this?

It depends on whether your insulin responses are out of whack. Part of what produces insulin is the taste of something sweet - your body begins to produce more insulin in preparation for sugar. Diet sodas and artificial sweeteners can aggravate people with insulin problems, although the science on this is very scarce, there is anecdotal evidence of problems with fast eating for some people with insulin disorders.

Taste can provoke insulin production, as well as proteins and carbs detected by nerves in the stomach, and again in the intestines. The amount of insulin produced by taste is very low, in comparison to that produced via your gut, so again, if you’re healthy, then the insulin production should be fine. If you have other medical issues, then your doctor is going to tell you whether or not you need to eat slowly.



The links you posted have nothing in them that doesnt rule out what i said. Speedier consumption(chugging it down) could lead to glucose spikes even in normal people. Or did they? Taste can provoke insulin response, but other things can provoke insulin response too right?

More insulin will be produced by the taste responses if you sip slowly, modulating the amount of glucose in the blood after the digested food hits your small intestine, 2+ hours after you first begin ingesting Soylent.

Less insulin will be produced if you just chug it down. The overall amounts are not primarily determined by the taste responses but the receptors in the stomach and small intestine.

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