2.0 is killing my throat

2.0. I love it. I lived on 1.4 for months and like the 2.0 so much better.
Coffee blend? I have died and gone to convenience heaven.
But what is going on with my throat? It’s kind of numb, kind of scratchy, and my voice is hoarse. I have never had any food allergies, I drink soy milk with no ill effects, never had any acid reflux issues, can go half a day with nothing but coffee and mountain dew in my stomach and not feel anything “except unhealthy”.
At first I thought it was some kind of air born allergens or maybe the air quality in LA after the recent fires. But after trial and error the only thing that makes my sore throat go away is eliminating Soylent. I tried to ignore it, hoping that it would go away after a few weeks but it just got worse. I had to eat real food today, I am half way through the day and the sore throat and constricting feeling is pretty much gone. I am so bummed.
Any idea what I’m reacting to? Anyone?


It may be simple friction. Do you take a long time drinking a bottle? Have you tried washing down with water right after?

Yep, Tried sipping it slowly over 45 minutes and drinking tons of water. Also tried drinking it warm vrs cold… warm was worse.

I have no idea, sorry. IIRC a situation similar to yours came up for a different version and wasn’t solved then either.

After a little more research, I think the Soylent might be triggering Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) or silent reflux

I assumed any form of acid reflux would include heartburn type symptoms and my reaction is so specific to my throat and voice it seemed like the wrong tree to bark up.
Whether this is from something in the Soylent or from living on gritty liquids I don’t know, but I’m going to run a Soylent/Nexium trial and see what happens. I was considering making my own Soylent from the DIY recipies so I could change out the soy protein with a different plant base… but that doesn’t really scream convenience to me.

Any luck?    

Unfortunately no, it seems I have developed an allergy to soy protein, or at least one of the proteins in the soy, from having too much of it in my system “I guess that is a thing”. And worse I’ve become sensitized, so things like soy milk or soy protein bars are triggering the same numb throat constricting feeling. I didn’t know cliff bars used soy protein until I had one yesterday, now I know. It is potentially dangerous enough that I am avoiding soy. I have an order of Meal Squares on the way and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll try some 100% space food where you get to pick the protein. I hear that a hypoallergenic gmo soy is in the works, a bean without one of the proteins that most people are allergic to, but that is years away. Wish there was a soylent 2.01 with a different protein.


I have a large backlog of 1.4 that’s still good but I don’t want because I also prefer 2.0. I’d sell it if I could find buyers.

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Did you try soylent 1.6? I usually have a hard time with soy milk (throat itches) but I’m totally fine with soylent 1.6
It does contain soy but some allergens denature during the desiccation process… maybe worth a try.

Tried some 100% food today. Good but a little sweeter than I like, I can see getting sick of it pretty fast. I’ll give the 1.6 a try but since the soylent bars were bugging my system I don’t hold out much hope for the 1.6. Might have to go the DIY route.

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Not sure what the “killing my throat” is…but I have noticed, the “Original” 2.0 gives me an extreme dry mouth…maybe it’s all the liquid goodness, telling my body to drink more water…? I typically drink about a gallon of water per day as it is…but yea, I’ve tried the Soylent refrigerated, non refrigerated…and yea, it gives me a throat tickle weird after taste, after I drink a couple gulps of water, it typically goes away though…

As someone who suffers with GERD, my experience has been that drinking coffee and Soylent around the same time causes a huge flare-up of Acid Reflux and Heartburn. For a long time I would drink coffee followed by a Soylent (2.0) in the morning but the reflux has become so bad that I can’t do it anymore. After dropping the coffee from my routine I feel MUCH better!